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Salus Roleplay Character Profile

Created by Dustus / Replies: 95

The kid who isn't even from this multiverse.

Salus' second form.

Power Level: Axis Y

Powers: Teleportation, Chronokinesis, Dimensiokinesis, Omnifabrication.

Salus' RPG Stats (No Chance):

Level 100

Health: 100,000,000

Attack: 100,000

Defense: 1,000,000

Mana: Does it really matter?

Speed: 1 (Yes. One.)

Crit Chance: 10%


Second Wind!

If Salus is somehow beaten(Via hacks or cheat codes cause we both you ain't surviving) Salus is revived with x2 stats. This will increase the more he's beaten. Oh, and infinite revivals)



Salus fucking destroys you. Kills the entire party.

Cheek Reaping

Salus does unspeakable things to you. Kills the selected person. Also sets status [TRAUMATIZED] which lowers stats by 10,000.






Salus' Stats (In Party):

Level 0 (Max: 100)

Health: 100 (Max: 100,000. Wait you thought you were getting the OP stats? That's crazy.)

Defense: 20 (Max: 2,000)

Attack: 50 (Max: 500,000)

Mana: 1,000 (Max: 1,000,000)

Speed: 70 (Max: 7,000)

Crit Chance: 10% (This is the max.)


Game Over(Cheat Code)

Salus increases the party's stats by 2,000,000,000.

“Why Am I Here?”

(Only if the brothers are in the party) The party's stats increase by 50.


Mortal's Punch

Salus punches the enemy. Does 50 damage. Increases x2 as level increases.

Mortal's Kick

Salus kicks the enemy. Does 100 damage. Increases x2 as level increases.


Salus releases his all of his mana and blasts everyone! Does 500 damage to the party. Max: 500,000,000… takes all his mana

King of the Cheek Reapers

Salus summons Cheek Reapers as backup. If this is active, Salus cannot take damage for the Cheek Reapers takes the damage. Also increases the party's stats by 10. Health: 80.


(Only if King of the Cheek Reapers is active) Salus and his lower-ranks attack the entire party! Does 400 damage if all Cheek Reapers are alive. If a Cheek Reaper is down then -10. (Max damage: 10,000)

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Salus tickles the enemy's… Feet? Does 1 damage. If King of the Cheek Reapers are active this does 50.

That's One Mad Man

ULTIMATE! Salus pins down the selected person in the party and beats them like a racist cop. 700 Damage (Max: 700,000)





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