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Soren Roleplay Character Profile

Created by HanyouMokushi / Replies: 2

Name: Soren Culann
Age: Twenty-two
Race: Humanoid species known as Tyrnahel
Short Bio: Soren has been known as an apathetic individual by most that see him. He tends to keep to himself but it's rightly the reverse of that. It takes time for him to openly trust people having a bit of bad luck with the subject in the past that he hasn't quite overcome. Despite that he is reliable and a hard worker; however, he's been known to have a stubborn streak. He's spent the bulk of his life on the farm, doing some traveling in his younger days with his Uncle. He wasn't impressed with what he saw, so decided his life was better with its current track. But it seems bad luck has the nasty habit of following him…

- Tyrnahel is a race of human that came from the Gods' lands. They are the first humans to be created and while they lingered on their creator's lands they were granted the gift of immortality. When Savaric and some of his men left Verque they lost their gift of immortality. The gods pitied them and gave them the ability to live a longer life than the humans they placed on Verque because the Tyrnahel were like their childrens. With that they were able to live a few hundred year the longest recorded life being 529 years. The average lifespan is 420 years.

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