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Roleplay Profile of XxNova_LogicxX

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Role Play Profile

Hi there! You can call me Nova or just N.L! I'm a new starting Role-player that bases my role-plays on the hit anime Boku No Hero Academia! [Also known as My Hero Academia] Some of them might be Fruits Basket [2019]too :D. All of my rps include MY Oc's, and yours are welcome! All of my rps MUST BE CLEAN!!! Minor cussing is fine with me, though. Alcohol ,violence and slight gore are also aloud. If there is any hate in ANY of my role play's, the person will blocked as soon as I find out or it has been reported with evidence, same goes for breaking my rules.

I hope you enjoy my role plays!

+ ~LOK~Two Avatars~Lit to Semi literate~One person needed~PM me~
+ ~Fruits Basket~ The Dog's Daughter~One person needed~ PM me
+ ~Funaria~ Hidden Half Humans(IN NEED OF ROLEPLAYERS!!)
+ ~BNHA~Never lost, never found and never in place.~A vigilante Oc RP~
$ ~BNHA~ The return of Oboro Shirakumo ~This RP is based of an episode in season 5~
$ ~BNHA~ Sunny with a chance of Shyness~ GEN 2 ~Oc x Y/c~
+ ~BNHA~ Help and Heal~ Aizawa [You] x Oc God daughter
$ ~BNHA~ "I am here!"