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Roleplay Profile of PartFooLio_01

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Role Play Profile

i am clearly a roleplayer, lmao, been roleplaying for 4 years (almost 5), i consider my self semi-lit to lit, im a genderfluid pansexual, and i absolutely love cats, i am also open to speak too, know that you are not alone and shouldn't have to suffer alone, btw if u rp with me dont just ditch me, i hate when people do that and i know you do too, if you need to leave for a little, let me know please, or if u lose interest, please PLEASE let me know. oh uh btw, im not on as often as i would like to be, but when i get my new phone, i'll try being on more often

yes i use scratch my usr is- ThatOnePicosImp

my birthday is December 1st.

i have Virtual_insanity blocked for a reason (multiple reasons)

"id sell my lungs for sharpie stones."

"well, well look whos inside again, without to look for a reason to hide again, well, well, buddy you found it, now come out with your hands up we┬┤ve got you surrounded."

"please try not to die, cause theres fees for your mourners..."

"Y'know Dennis Rayder and David Parker Ray Actually sit together in Hell, Shaking quaking terrified,That someday, Somehow, someway,
They might meet me"

+ Undertale rp ?(ocs allowed)
+ FNF but middle school
+ lets talk :)
+ rp for me and Sploosh
+ hamilton 1x1 rp, (oc x oc or cannon x oc)
+ rain, snow, sleet, and hail (1x1)
+ BMC (be more chill)
+ heathers rp