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Roleplay Profile of Ash-IBITEYOU-UwU

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Role Play Profile

{15--19/Furry/Female/ Taken}

I draw sometimes but other than that yeah..... I'm depressed, yay!... but if you want to Roleplay pm me and i'll see what i can do these are what i like to do for a Roleplay,
Oh i RP in City of Bones if you make rps like that please let me be
Clary Fray

Roleplays i Will be Making
*New kid in school
*Only girl in school a guy school
* The Forgotten Ones
*Y-You're insane..
*Roommates 1x1 only
*Chill out for a bit(not a rp)
More will be added, i also do collabs ^^

Roleplays I Like
*City of bones ext.
More will be added^^

* Kitiki_Anemara
* NykoLeWolf
More will be added^^

+ The Pare That Was Never 1x1
$ ◑●Search Thread●◐
$ The Runaway
$ City of Bones
$ The bully's lover MxFxM
$ A Girl in A Boy School
+ The ghost
$ Beach Day
$ What are you?
$ The Vampire Lover OPEN NEED MALE ROLE
$ The Vampire Lover (closed to Seakobra )
$ The Vampire Lover (closed to Glitchyuwu)
+ The Forgotten Ones
$ The Prisoners For Them
$ New Roommate's Part 2
$ Moonshine
+ Y-your insane..
+ Forgotten Demon of Hell
+ Ash can sing?!
+ Run while you still can..
+ The lost one...
+ The hell's fire Teen M Teen xF Teen or F x F, M x M