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Roleplay Profile of Anime_freak

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Role Play Profile

Just what are we? What are you? I know what I am, A anime loving person who is always down to cosplay or Role Play! I'm in my mid teens, and will always RP if I know the anime!

Animes I know: My hero Academia, Black Butler, Avatar, JoJo, The Promised Neverland, Attack On Titan, Naruto, Demon slayer, Danganronpa, Yuri On Ice and alot more. To many to list. If i didn't say an anime you would like to RP, PM and ask, If I don't know it, I'll be happy to watch it so we can RP! Heres a little about me,
I do go to school so i can only RP in the afternoon in tell the weekend or summer.
I'm in my mid teens almost 18!
I love to cosplay!
I do know FNAF.
My name is Pidge!

PM me if you want to RP!!
song quotes:

It's nice to finally met her other friends.. -other friends by; the steven universe cast.

I can't eat, I can't sleep, I get anxiety. -anxiety by; black bear

I walk a lonely road, and it's the only rad Iv'e ever known. -lonely road

Mom and daddy aren't in love, Thats alright I'll settle for two birthdays. devil town by;cavetown

I'll hide my chest and figure out a way to get us out of here.- this is home by; cavetown

when i was younger I knew a boy and a boy, best friends with eachother, but always wished they were more.. -the story by; conan gray

I do have standards though. Here are the rules.

Please be a little serious, or more.

dark humor is ok, and some mild humor.

swearing is fine, in places needed
my character limit will be 500 hundred sorry. if you PM me i may bump it down to 300 hundred as long as you give me enough to go off.

Romance is ok, Again in needed places.
please make sure your on at least every week or so, If you have things going on, we can work something out.

please be in your double digits. Like 13+ please.

I am open to suggestions!!!

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