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Roleplay Profile of Straud

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Role Play Profile

If you are new to the website or roleplaying in general, feel free to PM me with no hesitation. It can be extremely intimidating to set up in a new environment without knowing many of the people here, and I'm more than willing to be the first person you reach out to if need be. While I am sometimes busy or easily drained, I'm generally friendly.

Moving sucks nuggets, but I'm starting to settle in. I'm hoping to get myself gradually more active over the next week.

I am accepting
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  • So... Is this what you consider a proper profile?: I mean... kinda? I'm too busy to learn all of the differences in formatting rn, so you'll you have to take what you get.
  • K whatev. What's ur posting like?: I post... differently. Check my "Samples" profile. I'll let you know if it's a standard, intro, or outro post from an RP, where it's from, and you can check out my posts from there. I tend to minimally push out a couple of paragraphs, but if I'm just shooting the shit in an RP, then you'll only see a couple of lines. If I'm really into a plot, my PC, and have the energy, you'll see a novella style post. It all depends.
  • That's not much of an answer.: Wow. It's almost like sometimes people have dynamic preferences toward how they -want- to post sometimes.
  • Whatev. Pics?: I'll use any kind of pic, so long as it suits the PC and RP.
  • Are you at least active?: Kinda? I mean, everyone's got a life, right? Well, I'm a parent, a full-time worker, and now I'm getting ready to move to another state in a FUCKING MONTH WHAT THE SHIT HAPPENED TO MY LIFE. You'll get a post once a week, or a PM explaining why I'm delayed.

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