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Roleplay Profile of ArialWasTaken

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Role Play Profile

"We never knew we were making memories, we were just having fun."

A Bit on Me

14 | Extreme Cat Person | Pretty Active | Semi-literate?

When I'm not burning through my brain cells deciding whether to add a new RP, I'm usually talking with others in A Chill Zone, welcoming new users to ES, or focusing on getting work done for high school.
Expect me to get to new posts a few minutes or so from then or probably not in a while.
I'm more active on the weekdays then I am on the weekends or holidays, so once there's Spring Break or something, I'm probably gonna be offline for the whole time.

ES Friends You Should Check Out

(Thanks to her, I'm always reminded to not be lazy here.)

Random Music

Incursione - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Former Username(s): ARandomDarkener
Alternate: Lemon-Lime

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