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Roleplay Profile of ArialWasTaken

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Todo List

100%   RenPy Visual Novel creation156d ago to go!
100%   making an entire semi-closed species49d ago ago
80%   Improve drawing skills drastically13d ago to go!

Role Play Profile

"Well, you've made it here. Might as well hear me out for a little."

A Bit on Me

When I'm not burning through my brain cells deciding whether to add a new RP, I'm usually talking with others in A Chill Zone, welcoming new users to ES, or focusing on getting work done for high school.
I'm no stranger to darker topics, and I'm not afraid to write about them. Just don't expect me to bring the box of tissues.
I'm almost completely inactive over the weekends, so once there's Spring Break or something, I'm gone, just like that.

Check the "Arial (User)" profile for more info on me.

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Former Username(s): ARandomDarkener
Alternate: Lemon-Lime

"Now, you're free to go. If you haven't left already."

$ Wings of Fire RP with Nub-the-Tub
+ Hoping for Destiny - A Wings of Fire RP
+ The Coffee Shop
+ The Underground World
$ Snowfall (Closed)
+ A Not So Chill Zone
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