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Roleplay Profile of Kade

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100%   RenPy Visual Novel creation37d ago ago
100%   making an entire semi-closed species243d ago ago
80%   Improve drawing skills drastically180d ago ago

Role Play Profile

"Huh.. I wonder if anyone still thinks about this."

A Bit on Me

Hey, it's Kade, the sophomore who made A Chill Zone that's somehow survived up to this day.
When I'm not burning through my brain cells deciding whether to add a new RP, I'm usually talking with others in A Chill Zone, welcoming new users to ES, or focusing on getting work done for high school.. again. I'm really busy with that now.
This is a mostly inactive account at this point, I've mostly come back to chat with my old friends and catch up a bit. For anyone who doesn't remember me, I was ArialWasTaken before.

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NaginiEunectesMurin (HydreigonMaste)

Random Music

here comes the sun - bill wurtz

Former Username(s): ARandomDarkener, ArialWasTaken
Alternate: Lemon-Lime

"Now, you're free to go. If you haven't left already."

+ Special Event: Arial's One Year!
$ Wings of Fire RP with Nub-the-Tub
+ Hoping for Destiny - A Wings of Fire RP
+ The Coffee Shop
+ The Underground World
$ Snowfall (Closed)
+ A Not So Chill Zone
+ A Chill Zone