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Roleplay Profile of Catlover33

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|16| |Female| |Roleplaying semi-pro (Or not)| |Cat Lady| |Casual Gamer| |Anime Fan| |Nerd on Japanese traditions and culture (Somewhat)| |Final Fantasy Geek|

I am into a lot of different fandoms including but not limited to Final Fantasy, Puzzles and Dragons, Hunter x Hunter, Kingdom Hearts, Attack On Titan, Yu Yu Hakuso, The World Ends With You and Monster Hunter.

*I forgot to mention My Hero Academia, Sword Art Online, Dragalia Lost and Yu-Gi-Oh. They may be a few others that I remember shortly*

The only mature games that I like so far are Warframe and Destiny 2. They can both be played on the Xbox One and they are very good games in my opinion.

I'm currently stuck on Final Fantasy XII (It's worth it because Vaan calls the Imperial guards bucket heads LOL). I also hate being ghosted and I will get angry at people who ghost me eventually. Please send a PM explaining why you can't do a roleplay with me anymore. (Only in about say 20 days)

I currently play video games from the Final Fantasy, Fossil Fighters, Pokemon, Kirby, Super Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Mario and Luigi, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Lego and Monster Hunter series of games. I also started to get back into Dragalia Lost.

Status: Stuck on Final Fantasy XII (I can't get past Rabanastre Palace)

Please for the LOVE OF GOD don't ghost me (Unless you're taking a break from ES). I don't like it and it makes you look rude. I only consider it a ghost after 20 days or more without a reply.

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