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Daughter|Sister|Friend|Writer|Taken|Not interested

I won't be available on weekends at the moment

ES Best Friends:


╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗
"Fake Friends: Say, "Love ya" jokingly.
Real Friends: Say, "I love you" and mean it.
Fake Friends: Will sit with you after a breakup and say, "I'm sorry."
Real Friends: Will call them and ask what their problem is before devising a plan to destroy them
Fake Friends: Will read this.
Real Friends: Will steal this.
╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝


Current song stuck in my head: Vicious - Tate McRae

Relatable song: Happy - Pharrell William

Song Quotes

"Everybody in the world knows I'm a little Twisted"
center - Misso, Twisted

"The lights spark and flicker with monsters much bigger than I can control now."
-Au/ra, Panic Room

"How do I live without the ones I love?
Time still turns the pages of the book it's burned
Place and time always on my mind
I have so much to say but you're so far away"
-Avenged Sevenfold, So Far Away

"Yeah, she’s crazy but her crazy’s beautiful to me”
-Luke Combs, Beautiful Crazy

"What are you wondering?
What do you know?"
-Billie Eilish, Bury a Friend

"When the world's not perfect
When the world's not kind
If we have each other then we'll both be fine"
-Alec Benjamin, If We Have Each Other

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