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Roleplay Profile of ButterflyRose

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Role Play Profile

You lose yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn't care about losing you...
I just need someone who won't give up when loving me get's hard...
Rose || Female || Thirty-One || Happily taken 3/11/2020 || Empath || Earth Witch || Literate Writer
Broken Wings || Suicidal Tendencies || Mentally Fucked up & Unstable || Forgotten Memories

Status; Working on posts slowly. I'll be posting to what screams at me, instead of my normal order. Still not myself at the moment, so please bare with me. If you see me posting to one story more than the other's it's because I'm in the right mindset for that thread. Please don't hound me to post to ours, I'll get to it when I can and feel in the right mindset for it. Thank you.

Stories 12/12; {x} Crow || {x} Find || {x} Undying || {x} Hunting || {} Light || {} Boyfriend
{x} Touch || {x} Kiss || {x} Lake || {x} History || {x} Fragile || {} Fractured

$ ғracтυred ιмageѕ || needѕ тwo lιтeraтe wrιтerѕ
$ wιll love ғιnd мe?
$ тнe vaмpιre'ѕ ĸιѕѕ
$ an υndyιng love
$ тнe нυnтιng gaмe