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Roleplay Profile of ButterflyRose

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Role Play Profile

When I look at you, I believe in good things again and I believe you are one of them.
This was the boy I loved. A little bit messy, a little bit ruined, a beautiful disaster just like me.
Butterfly or Rose || Female || Thirty || Taken 3/11/2020 || Literate Writer || Empath
Queen Bitch || Suicidal Tendencies || Worker Bee || Gentle Being || Old Soul

Status; Slowly posting to everything throughout the week. I will be working on what's screaming out at me first. If you see me posting to one story more than the other's, than please understand that's the one{s} I can focus on the most at the moment. I will get everything else posted too as well, just bare with me is all I ask.

Stories 12/12; {x} Light || {x} Boyfriend || {} Crow || {x} Vampire's || {} Hunting || {} Undying
{} Stay || {x} Clarity || {x} Message || {x} History || {} Business || {} Find

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