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Roleplay Profile of KirishimaDaddy

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join meh rps
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Role Play Profile

NAME: jeffthekiller
GENDER:male Bi
THINGS: i'm half humanDemon.half wolf
kids chat room name: tomjoneswitnes13

*taken IDK maybe..maybe not*
JayStation is my nation
youtube:infinite so go SUBfriends channel:bakuochacovocieacter
fav youtuber: flamingo

pintrest: katsuki kirishima

updates: how is coriten cant spell sorry

fav song: killer , candy store , if your gay then your gay(XD)

Discord name: ochako#3796

i love Mha /soul eater/banana fish/ Dragonball / black butler / creepypasta and JoJo bakugan narutoand more

what am i: i'm Norwegian Hispanic somewhat japanese

parents: none
sid's: none

+ yamada x miyamura
+ yaoi bxb
+ creepypasta love BXB
+ Dragon as a pet!!BxB lovepet
+ Dekuxshoto(closed to -mason-
+ black butler ship 1x1(closed)
+ Creepypasta 1x1 (closed to Nobody101
+ your ocxzion(closed to Alfa279escaped)
$ MHA rp all day all night~closed~