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Okay so I'm taking a few days, break from this if you guys don't mind I'm almost near a dead in on my mind

Who am I?

Hey, look I see you in my profile so I don’t mind reading this. For one, my birthday is on
April 20th
and I will not tell you my age unless I’m seeing if I want to roleplay with you, even though some of you guys do know my age but who cares I’m 16. I love star wars so please don’t get me wrong there but Star trek is just as good but I kinda think the new sonic movie destroyed it.


Pending Friends

no one is here yet


no one is here yet

Not Ready Yet people

Posting schedule[Active roleplays]


Be nice if doing an OOC chat unless you're mad about something

Be patient I'm slow to type and I have no computer during the weekends(Because on no WIFI router broke)

If you want a literate Roleplay the number count is 1000 or more(Will be discussed) and paragraph will be at least 5 sentences in total

You must be able to play with 15-year-old that turns 16 in April 20th if not less

Hate the OC not the Controller

You must not have a roleplay going with me

Website rules Apply

AND HAVE FUN (this is my main rule)

please send me a PM if you have any questions and/or you want to join

For people uncomfortable with my age
If I'm not old enough yet and you want to roleplay with it you can set up a date you want to start the roleplay I will be reminding you once that day comes or a day before.

Just remember if you're not picked then there might be a reason why. Please don't bombard me with PMs because I haven't responded to you. If by any chance I stopped posting for a while it's probably because I'm stressed, I'm tired, or School or in school.
Please don't press the [I request Access] button it kinda gets annoying

$ psycho Murder x (M or F) Literate
$ Escaped lab experiment
$ Roleplay search
$ New x Bully [BxB BxF] high school RP ~Closed to Wingedwolfy~
$ missing tank x F(needs literate player 1000+)
$ Roleplay for K1NG0FH3LL
$ Hated or Love (CLosed to Cookie)
$ Journal
$ New x Bully [BxB BxF] high school RP ~closed~