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Roleplay Profile of Ravanya

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Role Play Profile

11/23/2020 - I hope everyone is doing well and that they are all enjoying the holiday season!! Right now I am job hunting and struggling to make money for bills next month. I'm also getting the house ready for the holidays before family starts showing up..... I am hoping to have posts up as soon as I can once RL gives me a breather. Please, be patient with me!

Roleplayer of many characters, for many years. Respect me and I will respect you. Semi-literate, Para-RP. Not a fan of one-liners, but I know sometimes that can't be helped. My real name, age, face, etc is none of your business. If I feel like giving it to you, then I will. Until then do not ask. I am here to lose reality and escape.
I work and go to school full time, so I will be able to post at least a couple of times a day unless I am absolutely swamped in which case I will let you know. If I am home then I can post constantly and repeatedly.
I only do female roles, I prefer romance, fantasy, modern or time period RPs. I am open to new things so long as they don't pass personal limits.

$ The Fallen (Open Needing Literate Male roles filled)
$ Deep Into The Abyss (CLOSED for kshahidx)
$ Deep Into The Abyss (CLOSED for trisarahtops)
$ The Lord of Night and his Gypsy (Closed for Mr-X)
$ The Fallen (CLOSED)
$ The Emperor's Advisor (CLOSED for WI_)
$ The Beast of the Bay (CLOSED)
$ The Tavern (CLOSED)
$ The Monster Mash (Looking for Literate Male)
$ Houses of the Sun and Moon (CLOSED)
$ Love At First Theft (CLOSED)