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Roleplay Profile of Feline_Chic

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Shadows, too many shadows cover up the light you were following. You become lost, wondering in the darkness, hope dwindling. Something is trying to pull you back, back to where you came from, back to the darkness. But you struggle. Keep trying. But there is always a light, somewhere, even if it is hidden in the darkness. You must find that light, and follow it. Because at the end of that light, is me, waiting for you, to take you to the other side.

"I can't see the floor." Walking into a messy room, the room of someone crazy, someone utterly brilliant. You pass the bed and look to the desk, pilled with papers of half written stories, old homework and a few books aswell as other odds and ends. You see a shadow of a girl, an ipod in her ears loud enough to drown out anything in the world. Her phone waiting for a message from someone, anyone that cares. In her hands is not any of her books, or her papers, but of a blank piece of paper, as she has been writing down the thoughts of hers that make any sense.

You tap the girl on the shoulder, but it seems she is elsewhere, so you decide to leave her be. But you notice on another piece of paper, scrawled in messy writing is a name, a title. Feline_Chic. Underneath it seems to be a list of other names she has been named by others. Fe-chan, Feline, Kitteh, Kiwikins. There are a few others but you cannot read it as the writing becomes more erratic and unable to be read.

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