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Roleplay Profile of mercioftime

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Role Play Profile

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Favorite Colors: Blue & silver

Hobbies: drawing, writing, hanging out with friends, taking care of animals, Anime, sports, using my imagination (lol =D),editing pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, playing shooting games (counter strike, BF2) and cooking, singing, being silly

likes: chocolate and vanilla ice cream together, movies (preferably action adventure), role playing, fun people, RPGs, and starbust candy =O

dislikes: people that aren�t open minded (it�s just boring and really frustrating)or people that pick on others (thats just not cool beans) and polka music *cries* it's torture!!!!

+ Everlife
+ protectors
+ Shiawase
+ for talking, becuase we need one
$ the forgotten
$ Digimon digital monsters
$ My Otome ( NEED MASTERS!!)
$ Beyblade! let it rip!
$ Pokemon Adventure
$ Sakura Academy (need people please)