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Roleplay Profile of Arrekusu

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Role Play Profile

Personal Info

Name: Alex Cairns
Age: Why does it matter
Gender: Male
Likes: Weird things, Weird bands, Indie Flicks
Dislikes: Everyone who likes Fall out boy... Or the jonas brothers for that matter, Oh! and people who like nickle back
Even God Hates Nickelback

Loves: To Draw and Write
Hates: Justin beiber
Super Powers: I can read Minds
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Nar Whal
Current Favorite Song: Through the Roof 'n' Underground - Gogol Bordello
Sexuality: Straight
Quote: "I want to be in a band... Of ninjas!"
Stalking: My Stalker
Thoughts on Love: "Doesn't Exist."

+ The Eye Of Fallia (Need 1 Male)
+ Plagued: The Final Days (always open Please join!!)
+ Plagued: The OOC (JOIN HERE!!)
+ Ikumuno Ro-do (always Open)
+ Air Gear: Road to Trophaem! (always open)
+ Ikimuno Ro-do OOC
+ <NEW> The Otherworld (Always Open needs people )
+ Otherworld OOC (JOIN HERE!)
+ The Strings of A Guitar 2x2 (closed)
+ {NEW} The band (2x2 1 guy needed)
+ Operation A.R.M.S. 2x2 (Closed)
+ [NEW!] Laptop Breakdown! 3x3 (needs Bi guy (can be girl playing as guy) , and gay guy (can be girl playing as guy))
+ Boys and girls (open needs guy)
+ The blood of my ancestors 2x2 (needs guy)
+ The purge of Twilight (closed)
+ Darkness Among Light (closed)
+ The Blood of War (closed)
+ The Forbidden will Awaken
+ [NEW] Unlucky 89 (open Need 2 people guy or girl)
+ Boys & girls (closed)
+ [NEW!] The Blood of War 2x2 (Needs Lit Girl <replacement>)
+ The Blood Of My Ancestors (Closed)