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Roleplay Profile of Finnigan

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Educate Yourself
100%   Finish Wind-Up6y ago ago
100%   Read 5 Books6y ago ago
8%   Learn Spanish!5y ago ago
ES related
100%   SBI Season 15y ago ago
100%   Noir Post6y ago ago
100%   SBI Season 45y ago ago
100%   SBI Season 55y ago ago
100%   SBI Season 35y ago ago
100%   SBI Season 25y ago ago
100%   Get physical4y ago ago
100%   Get a Job5y ago ago
100%   Basic Training4y ago ago

Role Play Profile

Finnigan I am.

# of ToDo's done: 11

$ The Sixth Ward
+ Seas Beyond Infinity
+ ES Prompt Writing Thread
$ Ab Fabula V
+ Noir Somnia
+ The Official ES Art Sharing Thread
+ Noir Fabula