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Roleplay Profile of Destruction

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Role Play Profile


There is always darkness in the hearts of man. An impure thing that crafts the love in our hearts, the fear in our eyes, the pain in our souls, the sorrow in our minds and the hate in our blood. We struggle to escape the instincts that are born with us, however we strive to accomplish just that. These arts we craft are the escape. The blood made letters, the soul made characters, the heart poured into the mind, the sight we make words. Escape with me into a world by our own hands.


Cast aside my doubts,

Rid myself of the forlorn cold,

Kill the shadows that cling to my soul

And burn the tapestries of despair.

My heart screams sorrows,

My mind sings hymns of peace,

The two clash and strike at each other,

But the disparity is too great.

Hatred is a bell-tower that rings out,

It echos in my body and soul,

The vibrations in my bones grow stronger,

Yet the the feeling is familiar and warm.

The same things are said yet I don’t fall,

The same trails are ahead yet I don’t waver,

My right hand waits patiently for its call,

The burning taste of comatose anger.

Give me a heart and I will treasure it,

Give me a love and I will hold it close,

With a hope comes a purpose and with purpose come peace,

But with desperation come hatred and mine shall never cease.


I’ve gone by a lot of names, but my friends simply call me Dobu. You may call me the same if you so please and wish to avoid formalities. Let’s all just relax and breathe in the cold air.

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