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Roleplay Profile of TsukikoKyuubi

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Role Play Profile

ClIcK tO vIeW mY tHrEaD

Previously known as SinKaiyen, ArubiaX, Arubia, PureChaos, CrimsonDeath, AbsoluteDarkness, StitchX as well as quite a few other names from my past.... SinKaiyen and Arubia are original names I came up with on my own and if stolen as well as the one I'm using currently TsukikoKyuubi I will throw a fit...

First off, before you decide to ask questions about me or try and get to know me and become my friend, first read my profile. All of it, if you feel the need to ask questions after you read then you may shoot me a pm.

My mistress and Wife, AngelSilverfang

: The Melody of Logic always plays the Notes of Truth.

Look, if you're going to ridicule me or hate on me, then do me a favor... Don't. I may not be perfect, and I may change from time to time... And at times I may start to fall... But then, who doesn't? And aren't your friends' suppose to be there for you when you do...? Yeah go ahead and stop caring, say that I'm not the same. Just because I've changed, that doesn't make me someone different. I'm still me, and if you can't accept that then I don't need you... I'm here and I'm finding my way. It may take awhile, but I am finding it... And if your not going to be here for me then please wilt away into the eterenal nothing that is...


Cause in all truth... I don't need you.

My past defines me... but it doesn't make me who I am. I know the mistakes I've made, and I'm not ashamed of them... though some are bad I do not regret. If I didn't make them when and how I did, then I wouldn't be who I am today. My future is bright I just know it *smiles lightly* For each mistake I make, I can learn... Become better for it.. Never again will I bring myself down.

I've let the darkness consume me more than my number of times... And I have always had someone there to help me out, despite what I've done or how I've acted... Despite how I've treated them... Now it's my turn to help them... And everyone else...

Yes, I am a very
feminine boy
and I prefer female clothing over a male's. I am a very happy and energetic person and I love making new friends.

No, because I am feminine, that doesn't make me gay. I am straight and
happily taken
so please don't try to come onto or get with me. :3

Thank You.


My old man.

My Fiancee in rl and ES Wife,

My Sister,

AnYtHiNg ElSe?
JuSt AsK...


I'm a lot more active now days but I am limited to only a few days a week that I am able to post. Working at McDonald's now and trying to get an even better job, got a better place finally and now that our living situation is livable it's time to save up to move to Indiana and then hopefully a better job again.

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