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Roleplay Profile of Eleksii

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Role Play Profile

Current Obsessions/Interests

Prompto Argentum
Lee Pace
Scott Hoying


Name: Call me Kyan. It's half my name, anyway.
Age: 24
I'm actually back this time! Will be more active in the coming days.

Literacy: I write. A lot. I am a former linguistics and psychology major with three years of journalistic experience so far.
Religion: Practicing Pagan with Wiccan aesthetics. Formerly Baptist/Christian.
Favourite Genres: In no particular order; fantasy, dystopian, occult, psychological horror, asylum, superhero, demon, romance, predatory (like hunter vs. prey sort of things), action, adventure, discussion/theory, AU remakes.
Least Favourite Genres: Academy, boarding house, mis-matched family, animal/morphs, testing facilities, real-life/you & me roleplays, serial killers/mysteries (unless well thought-out)


The Arcane Society

On Hold/Waiting for Replies/Writer's Block
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its high boom
For Kyanydkwc with Xx_Sorrow_xX
My Case Has Fallen To Pieces

Potential Drop List
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Coffee and New Beginnings
Come Hell or High Water

A Fate Undesired

Under Construction

Ideas: ask for more info
A Sea of Sirens/Songs that Birds Sing (FxF)
Lone Wanderer (A Parallel RP)
On the Run: A Harry Potter Universe Story
Magic and Potions and Spells, Oh My!

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Fandom Pairings
Kyan's Search Thread
Story Search with KeKe

ᴤᴏᴐɪᴀᴦ ᴐɪᴛʏ
Persona X: Berubetto no Kurabu

Kyan's Hall-of-Fame
Gamblers Debt
ѡεʟсοϻε το τнε “ғᴀϻιᴌʏ”
So Much For The Quiet Life
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Tнё Иїgнт $нїfт
For kyanydkwc with AkiraInu
Kingdom of the Buck
Modern Age
Traced Back Through Time: A Reaper76 Story
ʀᴀʀᴇ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ
Sidekick Complex

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+ Traced Back Through Time: A Reaper76 Story
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$ A Fate Undesired (1x1)
$ ᴐнᴀʀᴀᴐᴛεʀ ᴆεvεᴦᴏÞϻεиᴛ ᴦᴀBᴤ
+ Plot Builder with Kyan
+ Persona X: Berubetto no Kurabu.
+ ѡεʟсοϻε το τнε “ғᴀϻιᴌʏ”
+ ᴆᴏϻᴀɪиᴤ
$ ᴤᴏᴐɪᴀᴦ ᴐɪᴛʏ
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