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Roleplay Profile of AngelWhiteheart

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Role Play Profile

When choosing between two evils...I always take the one I've never tried before

"I like games where the story and gameplay go hand-in-hand, while in most JRPG's, story and gameplay are kept on either side of a wrought-iron fence made of TIGERS."

"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

Bit about me...

- Angel (by everyone)
- Heart (by Scifer)
- White (by Kenta)
- Angel-chan (by Ferrara-Italy)
- Ang (by RavenDragonheart...sometimes...when she's too bored to write my whole name)

Age: It's over 9000!!!!

Status: Muggle

E.S. BodMods
- Fairy Wings
- Devil Horns

Longest post to date: 7289 characters

E.S Family

Best-est Friend, Grasshopper and Man Beard Thursday Twin: StarShadowfang (she's so random I've got no idea where the next pineapple's comin' from!) We have a list:
- Pineapples
- Man beards
- We're not talkin'...We're jigglin'!
- Like a boss
- Too sexy for... *insert randomness* (It's funny...really)
- We dance the Onga (Tis' failed conga)
- Sharp thingie twins! That's not a knife...it's a sword

- Nine_Tailed_Fox (I pet her cuz' she fluffeh!)

- RavenDragonheart (she ma Twineh!)
- KayElric (I had to throw away all my smartyness but she was worth it, I gained a great friend and a big sister and my Koi is so fish!)
- botf4ever (One of the first people I met on ES, great person and an excellent friend <3)

- zadine
- JigokuBatsu (Excellent roleplayer, my student, best friend, fellow randomist and all-round great person who is always there for me and able to make me laugh, no matter what! Much love! <3)
- PrincelyShadows
- bigerxman
- Toxiczone (My poke war and pogoing partner!)
- FableEvermore
- TheMagicalDJ (Always there when you need to talk or when you need to glare or poke a dragon)
- metallic-blaze (My Bra and Bro, though he doesn't like it BUT HE HAS NO CHOICE!!!)

- DarknessDeath (Good friend but he does baaaaaaad things to mah Bestie!)

Best Friends:
- StarShadowfang (As mentioned above...pineapples!)
- ClaireXRedfield (Great friend and one of the first people I met on ES, Love ya...and Leon too!)
- ForgottenMemories
- GuardianAngel
- Herobrine
- Scifer - I poke you!!!
- ChemicalDeath
- Lyus
- thelostemo (He tried to save me from a grue...I still died though, but thanks for trying to help!) :)
- TheEleventhDoctor (Magi! My Doctor Who buddeh!)
- splitter2734 (BOOYA ROCK!!!)
- LettuceWegde (The politest vegetable I've ever met)

$ Diamonds are a pirates best friend
$ My picture testing room!
$ Sisters of Time
$ Deltora Quest