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Roleplay Profile of LovelyMissMae

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Role Play Profile

My name is Mae Swenson and I live in Oregon, USA, and am pretty great at what I do.
I am a Female
I am Pansexual
I am Grey-panromantic
I am Taken~
And I am loving every bit of it!

I joined eliteskills EIGHT YEARS AGO, though it doesn't even feel like it! I have made a ton of great friends on here and I am constantly eager to make more!

I do all sorts of roleplays, including sexy ones, but since those aren't allowed on here anymore, I'll give you my email since I have found out that roleplaying through email is a bit easier! That is:

I'm an artist, a cosplayer, a roleplayer, and an all around amazing person! Sounding a little conceited? Blame my friends <3

+ Being Alone makes the Voices Grow Louder (CLOSED)
+ A Witches Potion
+ An Island for Two
$ An Island for two (closed)
$ Light Saves--Dark Destroys (CLOSED)