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Roleplay Profile of Immortal_Dreamer

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Role Play Profile

10/13/2014 I can not post right now. So please don't message me. I know I need to post. I just can't under certain circumstances.

"There is a whole World out there waiting for you! Great cities...Art...Music...Genuine Beauty!"

-Niklaus Mikaelson

Name: You may call me Demi! Unless advised otherwise...
Age: 19 years young

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight; But playful
Relationship Status: Single Baby!

***I have a life. As of March 3rd, I am doing online courses for College. So if I am on, then I will post. But don't message me about posting unless its an emergency. I can't just drop my life and rp with everyone. Thanks for understanding. And hint this is your first and only warning.***

Rps I do: Romance, Fantasy, Vampire, Werewolf, Supernatural, Past life, Real life, Pregnancy, Yuri, Yaoi, Straight, Anything under that or you can pm me about it. All said, fandom are approved!!Love them!!Look @ my likes&etc for idea...

Rps I don't do: Robot based, Alien. This is iffy because I might do it if I'm interested. Adventure Time, Teen Titans,Pokemon <===I am a fan of these. But won't rp them. I will let you know if anything else come up....


1-Real Pictures, unless we talk about this
2- Be able to at least post 500 characters per post
3- Post at least once a week (if you can't let me know)
4- NO DITCHING (You don't like when people do it to you, so please don't do it to me. If you get bored with the role-play, talk to me and either let me know you don't want to do it or we can try something else)
5- Use proper grammar and spelling (I don't ask it be perfect, but at least decent and to where I know what is meant. I understand mistakes as we all make them)
6- No godmodding (minimal is okay if it is to move the plot, but don't overdue it)
7- No cybering (Time skips always)
8- Don't be afraid to add you own plot twists and ideas
9- Please try and keep posts in third person and past tense
10)Have fun!!!!!

Books:Twilight Saga, Hunger Games Series, Fallen Series, House of Night Series, Vampire Academy Series, Fifty Shades Trilogy, etc....

Shows/Movies:Twilight Saga,Vampire Diaries, Hunger Games&Catching Fire, Titanic, Nicholas Sparks novel Based Movies, Disney Movies....

Hobbies: Rping of course, Writing stories or poems, Drawing everything to my ability, and reading books!! Listening to music too.

My friends are very important to me. I love them so much. They know exactly who I'm talking about. So a little warning, Mess with them and you will be messing with me. I am a total Bitch when it comes to bullying and such. My friends are like my Family I wish I had.....

***Goodnight Dreamers!***

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