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Roleplay Profile of ripkay

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Role Play Profile

I have been so very busy.

I've been roleplaying for many years now, but I'm often doing other things while I post or its super late and I like to let most other members of a roleplay post before I do so to leave as few people behind as possible. I post around 1000-2000 characters per post, I'm capable of more, that's just my preferred range.

I do anime pictures only, I don't often like roleplaying large characters but I can do both genders, just don't expect romance. I've been in a lot of different roleplays, I try to make my characters different, give me a world of magic filled with vampire's, demons and wizards and I'll play a golem type character, which you never really see. Some of my character's are very powerful, but if I'm entering it in your roleplay I have balanced them, they have weaknesses, not matter how obscure, one of them is weak to salt, another is scared of mirrors, but your character doesn't know that now does he?

I tend to ask a lot of questions if I don't know the roleplay subject, this is so I'm as informed as possible, wouldn't want a misunderstanding that leads me to carrying a gun in a medieval setting or riding a dragon in sifi. I'll join almost any kind of roleplay that's not a 1x1 or one I have to be involved in romance.

There has been some confusion of late, while I don't strongly identify with either gender I am a male.

That's all, I got no flashy pictures for you so you can stop reading now...