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Roleplay Profile of Zeratyx

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Role Play Profile

Im German no I'm not nazi I am lazy but I work out alot I stay up all night and sleep threw class piss me off and I'll kick your ass I'm a good freind of lyus I'm the kinda of guy who is loyal to his freinds and girlfreind
fave god/goddess:aris no not ares his sister aris
fave color:purp
eye color:dark blue
hair color:black

theme song
fight song 1

theme song what my enemys hear when they fight me

+ 1x1 for hottygirl
+ Mecha war rise of nations
+ Arts of war ooc
+ Arts of war search for power(always open needs mains)
+ Blackrose brothers special club
+ Monster hunters war for human kind(always open)
+ Navy vs pirates brothers at war
+ Clan wars top ninja
+ Blackrose brothers beautiful assassins (plz join)
+ Aris city with blackrose acadamy
+ Battle areana showdown!
+ Black city
+ Castle orphanage(please join)
+ blackrose brothers Beautiful assassins
+ band life
+ Tekken ultimate battles
+ Spider riders (my version plz join)
+ Aris brothers fruit house
+ school of hearts (first version plz join
+ aris city
+ Bloody night
$ Mera and bre 1x1)
+ Final fantasy z! (want ppl you don't have to play ff to join)
+ Psychotic death
+ Natures gift