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My Loving Pirate (Closed)

By Embaby

Replies: 284 / 8 years ago

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When the young prince Mikoto ran away from his duties as the future King, the present King set out a specific order that the first person to bring the prince back home safely gsts a handsome reward. As a result of this many people set out on ships, and on foot, to find the 'precious' young prince.

Sailing across the steady seas, the most feared pirates in the carribean catch wind of this. So, they set out on a journey to find the young prince, raiding every ship they come across, just in case.

To their luck, they come across a hardy ship filled to the brim with treasures, one of them being the prince himself. Sinking the ship and taking all of it's treasure, the take the prince on their ship with them, and set out to the kingdom he omes from.

On their journey back, they come across many enemies trying to take Mikoto for themselves. But, everytime, the captain prevents it. Along the way, the captain finds himself unable to leave the prince alone. He wont even let him touch a sword out of fear that he wont need him to protect him anymore. But what he doesn't know is that the prince is determined to learn how to sword fight so he wont burder the captain; the one he's fallen in love with.

(r your charry is the pirate, so please try n find a good pirate pic :P)

(Size28 Rules:)
- no one liners/ use detail
- proper grammer and spelling
- anime pictures
- dom/sub (my charry is sub)
- pm me to join!
- 900 character limit
- be creative


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Mikoto smirked at Everett's words, shaking his head. "You take everything literally." he murmured, though he wasn't upset at all about the visit. Mikoto put his hands on his hips, shifting his weight onto one foot as he stared up at the other male. "I just didn't think you'd make it here this fast." he shrugged his shoulders. At the question, Mikoto checked the load of dishes behind him, then looked back to Everett. He shook his head, walking over to the other male. He put his hands on Everett's chest, going on his toes as he leaned into him to kiss him. He kept it soft, barely a kiss at all, but it still sent shivers down his spine. He smiled into it before leaning back, though he stayed on the balls of his feet, leaning into the taller male. "You came down here to help me wish dishes?" he asked, his tone teasing. "And here I thought you came to see me."

Mikoto gave off a fake pout as he stepped away from the older male. "How upsetting." He pursed out his bottom lip, and did his best not to break out laughing. It was funny how Everett reacted to everything he did, but it made him happy to see his emotions. At first when they'd met, he thought of the captain as someone to be feared; a man made of stone that no one could break. But it hadn't taken him long to figure out that the stone was just an illusion, waiting to be crumbled. When he thought of it, he wondered if that had been the first thing to draw Mikoto to the silver haired man; the idea of breaking down a feared pirate's walls, to see what was on the inside. Somehow, it had progressed from there.

After a moment, Mikoto stopped pouting and crossed his arms over his chest. "Gosh, I was expecting you to come comfort me." he laughed.
//Mikoto// / Charm / 7y ago
Everett continued to leave kisses against Mikoto's skin, "You told me to come down when I was finished." He tilted his head at the bowl he left on the counter, "So here I am." He let go and wandered around to look at Mikoto in the face, leaning against the counter, "And yet you seem surprised." He smiled and crossed his arms.

He had scanned the deck for the stow away on his way down the stairs but didn't catch a glimpse. Bastard knew how to hide. But there was no way he was letting him get close to below deck again.He didn't care if it was snowing, he would be on top of the deck continuing to work. He mentally sighed knowing that was somewhat cruel but he dared touch Mikoto, he didn't have any patience for that.

"Do you need help with those?" He motioned towards the dishes. He needed to stop thinking about it, pull away from the negative thoughts. At least while he was down with Mikoto. It was hard to feel upset about anything anyways but the prince always seemed to know when something was going on in his head.
Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y ago
Mikoto was welcomed back into the room for cooking by three large stacks of dirty bowls, their spoons protruding from under the bowl on top of it. He shook his head, half rolling his eyes as he stepped inside. He had just made his way over to the stacks when a crew members came down. His eyes went straight for the pot of food, then over to the smaller brunet. Mikoto raised his brows, watching him. "No seconds for anyone." he told him, though his tone was light. The man blinked at him, then shook his head. "Cap'n orders that the stow-away be fed." he said gruffly, making his way over. Mikoto was a bit surprised that Michael hadn't come down to get anything to eat, though he knew in the back of his mind that the blonde had probably been watching him with Everett above deck by the wheel.

Mikoto shook his head, and nodded toward the pot. "Alright. One bowl." The man nodded, stalking over to the pot. "Aye. I know the rules." It took the man a mere few moments before he'd grabbed everything and was heading back above deck. Mikoto shook his head again, turning back to the stack of dishes when arms circled his waist. He looked back to find Everett standing behind him. He gave a light smirk. "What are you doing down here?" he asked, letting out a tiny chuckle at the white haired male's teasing kisses to his ear and neck.
//Mikoto// / Charm / 7y ago
Everett bid him farewell, a smile on his lips as he watched the brown hair disappear beneath the stairs. Once he was below deck, he order one of his men to make sure that Michael had something to eat, it didn't have to be good; but it'd be a shame if he starved to death. He said it with the most sincerity he could muster which wasn't much. As soon as the other man was gone, he continued to lazily sit on his box and enjoy his meal. It really was simple but it was much better than he could have ever done. Made him wonder how a prince learned how to cook so well when he had everyone else to do it for him.

Once he was done,he hoped off and wandered down to the kitchen. He watched Mikoto from the doorway before wandering in. He set the bowl down on the counter and moved to wrap his arms around Mikoto, kissing lightly at his ear, "the food was good tonight." He purred lightly against the prince's neck "thank you."
Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y ago
Mikoto was a bit surprised by Everett's words, though he wasn't quite sure why. They made him happy, so much that he grinned up at the other male, and kissed his cheek softly. "Good. I'll always wait for you, no matter what." he told him, his grin lessening to a smile, his cheeks tinged softly pink. It was weird to think about, having to leave Everett and the ship. He'd only been with them for about a week, and yet he felt so close to them. Even with the men who made up the unbreakable crew, he didn't talk to them much, but they had a sort of...unspoken bond. He'd seen how much they liked him, as well as his cooking. Though, in his mind, he figured that if he ever left the first thing on their minds would be the fact that they'd miss dinner. The thought almost made the prince laugh outside of his thoughts.

Mikoto nodded at the other male's words, and turned away after a moment. "I need to go clean up down below deck. The crew have all finished eating already, so when you're finished with that, bring it down to me?" he asked, raising his brows slightly with an innocent, yet devious, smile on his face. He chuckled lightly, and made his way back down below the surface of the ship.
//Mikoto// / Charm / 7y ago
Everett looked up at Mikoto and stared with worried eyes. He didn't want to think about leaving Mikoto alone somewhere but he knew the prince was right. It had to be done one way or another; he couldn't condemn his entire crew now matter how much he loved Mikoto. It didn't make sense since he had been there for only a short time like Mikoto said; but he didn't need it to make sense.

Everett gave a slow nod, "I promise." He smiled lightly "But don't think for a second that I won't come back and kidnap you again. I don't care how many times I have to, I'll always steal you away."

The idea of always chasing after each other seemed exhausting but if it had to be done then so be it. The pirate already decided that he would travel to the ends of the earth if it meant getting his prince back. No obstetrical would be too great if Mikoto was his prize.

"Don't worry lad, I won't get caught. Never have been. That fiasco at the docks was the closest I've ever been."
Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y ago
Mikoto nodded at Everett's words. "It's easy to understand, though. I mean, you (i are) pirates. It's not easy to dock for long periods of time...even I know that, and I haven't been here that long." he smiled, giving a soft laugh. Mikoto looked out over the deck as the crew began resurfacing from the belly of the ship, bowls in hand, spoons in mouths. It made him happy that they liked his cooking so much, and that they seemed to wait all day just for dinner, so they could eat. Though, an entire day without food was something hard to handle, especially if you were hungry. (i Hmm...I wonder why they don't have breakfast?) he thought to himself. (i I've heard that breakfast is supposed to be really important...)

Brought out of his thoughts by Everett's words, he felt the heat rise to his cheeks, and he shook his head lightly. He stepped toward him, so they were barely a foot apart. He smiled. "I promise." he told him. "The only reason I'd ever change...is if you wanted me to." he told him, blushing lightly again. After a moment, he chewed the inside of his cheek, then said: "But, promise me something, too." he paused, catching the other males eyes. "Don't ever get caught. If you ever think they're on to us...or that they're coming to get me...leave me somewhere. They'll find me, one way or another. But don't get caught." he leaned forward, kissing Everett's cheek lightly, before stepping away again. "I'll always find my way back to you."
//Mikoto// / Charm / 7y ago
As Everett watched the crew make their way to the kitchen, the tension eased from his shoulders slowly. The men's happiness always made his heart crumble away even if he never showed it. The only one that could ever elitist a response like that was Mikoto. He turned to the man in question with a smile of his own, taking the bowl as he sat down.

"The men get so excited to have regular meals. you must realize that we have not eaten like this unless we are in town; and that doesn't happen as often as it probably should." He frowned lightly at that, but shrugged it off. "Hope they don't get lazy from being spoiled too much." His smile returned and he gave the boy a wink before leaning back.

"They enjoy simple things; kind gestures. And you're the kindest thing they've ever encountered. Its lonely out here, and the company of whores can only do so much for several hours."

(i My sweet angel.) He reached out and took hold of Mikoto's hand, pulling him close, "Stay kind. Don't let the sea change who you are, can you promise me that, lad?"
Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y ago
When he'd finished making the meal, the small room smelt of heavily of cooked meat and vegetables; like it usually did. He brought out the small bowls and forks, setting them up in piles on one of the empty tables in the room. He wiped his hands off after, looking around himself. Nodding to himself after doing a mental check list, he grabbed two bowls already filled and made his way out of the room and up the stairs. Once he was above deck, he immediately caught the eyes of the crew; they knew what time it was. He couldn't help his smile as he nodded toward the door, no words necessary to tell them supper was ready. In shifts, groups of men left to go below deck and get their food, then bring it back up and eat while continuing to do their work on deck.

As they did this, Mikoto snuk away from the crowd, and hopefully from Angelo's unimpressed gaze, to where Everett was. He paused before going up to him, watching him carefully. He looked quite majestic, actually. His coat blowing out behind him, just like his silver hair. He held the wheel, steering the ship like a true captain; head held high, gaze forward, face straight and seemingly unbreakable. With a light snicker, he walked up to him. "I hope you're hungry." he said to him, catching his eye. With a smile, he handed the bowl over to him. It's nothing particularly special, but by the way the crew reacts, you'd think I cooked a roast for them." he gave a small laugh, before turning away. He went and knocked on the small door over in the corner, which he now knew to be the infirmary where the old captain stayed. When the door opened, he was greeted by a toothy smile. He returned it, before handing the bowl over. "Supper." he said. The old man nodded, giving silent thanks as he retreated back into the room.
//Mikoto// / Embaby / 7y ago
The men could tell the mood had changed, something went wrong but they didn't know what. But they could only guess. They saw Michael being dragged up and not too long after, Everett going down with the speed of the wind. They kept their distance, it would pass they just needed to let him blow off steam. Its not like he was mad at everyone anyways.

Angelo stood next to him as they over looked the crew, who started singing a soft song in order to lighten the mood. He didn't speak at first, just looked over his captain, judging what to say to him. "We can leave him behind." He whispered, unable to look Everett in the eye.

Everett's head snapped around and looked at his first mate. It was an option yes, but that wouldn't help anything. Unless they left him on some abandoned island, he could find his way back. And leaving him to die would not go well with Mikoto. He swore under his breath, he was getting soft already. With another groan, he rubbed his eyes "We can't do that. That'd be too easy. Just work him until his bones split." He dropped his hand but didn't look at Angelo, "And have someone keep an eye on him. Be as blatant or desecrate as you want to be.' He waved him off, straightening his back. Angelo sighed, but not loud enough for Everett to hear, before he turned to spread the captain's word.
Everett / Ponyo62 / 7y ago
Mikoto could see it in Everett's eyes that he was debating whether or not he should leave. After what had just happened...he didn't blame him. In truth, Mikoto didn't want him to leave either. Not really. But he knew that he (i needed) to leave. Mikoto wasn't the only person on the ship. Nor was the only one who needed protecting. Whether the other men on board believed it or not, he could see that they depended greatly on their captain for protection, and then to help them when they needed it. As he'd said before, they were a large family. They were all brothers. They stuck together, through everything. And with Everett as their captain, their almost-father figure, Mikoto couldn't see anything going wrong.

Nodding, he smiled. He couldn't help it whenever Everett was around; when he was protecting him. He nodded again, watching as the silvered haired male ascended back up the stairs to above deck. Above, he could hear the sounds of voices from the crew, and the splash of waves, though they echoed through the wood of the boat. For a moment, he shivered. He remembered being below deck of the ship he'd been on before Everett's ship. He remembered how the water had come flooding how, how he'd nearly drowned. But then, he'd been saved. And now...he was here. He couldn't help feeling slightly grateful to those pirates from before, because if it weren't for them, he wouldn't have met Everett. And then...he'd never have fallen in love.

With a smile on his face, he turned back into the kitchen area. Now, he needed to get back to cooking. Like he had been before Michael had so rudely interrupted him. With a slight eye roll, he picked up the knife. (i I should have stuck him with this.) he frowned, dicing away at the vegetables. (i Lightly, of coarse.) With a light smirk, he began again.
//Mikoto// / Embaby / 7y ago
Everett didn't like the idea of leaving the prince by himself again. He knew the crew was more than likely to watch Micheal more closely so he didn't wander off again, but the man was smart; if he wanted to see Mikoto he'd probably find a way. It almost seemed to be out of his hands at that point and knowing the prince, he'd probably feel insulted if he made Jaccob follow him around as "personal guard."

A light chuckle escaped his lips, "the only way they could demote me is if they killed me or if they threw me off this ship." He knew it would never happen but deep down, he was slightly nervous about it. His crew was loyal and that was the only thought that kept him from loosing sleep at night. "If you need anything at all, you know I'm only a couple steps away." He tapped the prince's nose before leaving a kiss after. "I'll see you at dinner." after one more kiss, he turned and headed up the stairs. Mikoto was right, he had a ship to command. He took his sot back up at the wheel, but didn't actually take the wheel. Instead he stood at the railing and watched the men below.
Everett / Ponyo62 / 8y ago
Mikoto couldn't help the small smirk that touched his lips at Everett moved toward him, pushing back up against the wall behind him like he'd mentioned before. Mikoto loved the way he was called "darling", the way Everett said the word and how it sounded coming out of his mouth. And it made him so happy knowing that the name was for him alone. But when Everett stepped away, a tad of disappointment touched Mikoto, though he didn't show it. He (i had) wanted Everett to push him against the wall, to hold him there, to do what he wanted with him. But he also knew that Everett was too good of a man to do something like that without Mikoto's direct permission.

Reaching out, Mikoto grasped Everett's hand and smiled. "I would love to." he told him, but let his eyes shift back to the doorway a few feet away where he had been before, preparing for the next meal. "But I was working on the crew's next meal before Michael and Angelo came down to...(i visit) me." he said, and looked back to Everett. "Besides, you're supposed to be commanding this ship, as it's captain. If you slack off too much, they might demote you from the position." he bit his lip, eyes meeting Everett's. But he smiled again, going on his toes to kiss the other male's lips. "I'll be fine down here. So go back up to take care of this ship."
//Mikoto// / Embaby / 8y ago
Everett stared at him wide eyed, unsure on how to the suddenly flirtatious prince. He didn't even know the bout had it in him. His lips parted to say something but couldn't quite think of something fast enough before Mikoto started laughing. The blush on his face soon started lifting as Mikoto reassured him about his feelings. He knew them quite well but that didn't stop him from enjoying hearing them every time they were spoken.

With a gentle smile he reached out and ruffled the other's brown hair. "I believe you. But.." He slowly pushed the prince against the wall, letting his body tower over the smaller one, "you should learn not to tease me, my darling." He chuckled lightly as he nipped at Mikoto's ear. "I am not afraid to show you exactly what I would so right here; where anyone could come down and see." Leaning away, he gave a playful wink. "I know you must be busy but why not come back up for awhile? It's far too stuffy down here after...everything."
Everett / Ponyo62 / 8y ago