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Death Note Yaoi

By Jazzmin-Anime

Replies: 50 / 9 years ago

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I want to do a Death Ntoe yaoi. I will not do L x Light (I'm sorry, but my soul won't allow it.) But I like these couples:
MattxNearxMello (really want to do this couple!)
I'm pretty open iwth other coupls to! ^,^ Just comment below if you wna tto rp.
B took a strawberry, and bean to eat it. "whenever i have to take meds, i end up throwing up." he said sighing. He was trying to hide his pain. "visiting hours will be over soon." a look of sorrow crossed his face. He didn't want L to go and leve him. "come back tomorrow, ok?" he didnt want to be lonely. He spent so muvh time jus laying in there, it was extremely depressin.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 L shook his head,a small sigh escaping his lips.))(b (#738396 “I'm afraid not.. But you could have some of these,if you'd like.”))(b (size11 He spoke,smiling slightly as he showed B the strawberry. L felt bad for not bringing another jar of jam,well he didn't know that he would stay longer then planned.))
"so many promises have ben broken before." he said, in a philisophical voice. His red eyes closd and he sighed, his chest still feeling nice and warm, but the rest of his body remainrd in pain. he suddenly mved trowing up into a bucket. once he was done, he rinsed his mouth out wit water. "did you happen o bring more jam?" he asked.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 L smiled hearing B's words. He gave a nod to his head as he continued to munch on the strawberries in his lap.))(b (#738396 “Ofcourse I did. I promised afterall.”))(b (size11 L spoke as his smile became slightly brighter. He hated when B was in pain,but loved when B seemed happy. The warm emotion from before had returned,and now spread to his chest.))
B groaned, as his red eyes blinked open. He tried to stretvh, but let out out a screech of pain. He reached for the pain med button`. "Everyting.....and i'm not kiding, everything hurts." He said whimpering gently. He looked at him, and gave him a gentle smile, even though his eyes were filled with pain. "You stayed." he soundd surprised, and happy. He felt a weird feeling in his chest, when he realized L hadnt abandonrd him.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 Hours later, L had awakened. Opening his eyes halfway,he had noticed B to still sleep. Pulling from B's grasp, L sat up with a small yawn,rubbing his eyes. He then,stood up and streched his body,before sitting down on the chair once more. Grabbing his satchel,he rumaged through before fininding a box of fresh strawberries. Opening the box,L pulled one out and slipped it into his mouth,munching on it. He then pulled his legs upwards,munching on more strawberries.))
B cuddled close to him in his sleep. His breatging even, and his body relaxed. He was able to sleep for the first real time since he had came to the hospital. He puled himself closer to L everytime he started to feel pain, abd it helped it to make it go away.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 For a while, L had watched B sleep peacefully,hearing each breath better than when he was awake. L had soon fully closed each eye,falling asleep next to the twin like male. He slept peacefully as he was cuddeld close to B.))
B closed his eyes. He cudfled close to L as his eyes shut. His breathing evene out, and he immediatly fell into a dep sleep. He forced the pain away as he fell into a sleep next to L.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 Both a small smile and blush had appeard when B had done so. L gave a nod,feeling even warmer inside than earlier.))(b (#738396 “I promise..”))(b (size11 L spoke as his eyes had also began to close. He too was exhausted from the trip he had taken just to get here.))
B held his hand, gently turning so he and L faced eachother. He laid his head agains't L's chest, lstening to his hert. His eyes closed. "p..promise...you'll be here when..,when i get up... youll be here?" ge said, and yawned. He cuddled close to him. He was so exhausted.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 L gave a slight nod to his head,before catiously crawling into the bed,next to B. Sighing softly,L kept a small grip of B's hand. Using his other,he reached for B's other hand,intertwing the set of hands together. He then closed his eyes,relaxing peacefully.))
B's eyes closed, as he gently squeezed his hand. "T..thank you L..." he murmered gently. "you brought me my jam.." B murmeed, his voice quiet. He pulled a blanket around him. "l,,,lay with me....like you use to..," he whimpered, his eyes closed. He had tears in his eyes, due to all the pain.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago
(b (size11 L felt his hand grabbed with B's. Indistinctivly,he intwined his fingers with B's,feeling a warm emotion spread through his body. Starring at B careingly,L held the light blush on his cheeks as the warm emotion spread throughout his body,sending a small chill up his spine.))
HE sighed, adn felt a whimper go through him. "I...I wodner if I can fall into compelte oblivion." HE siad. HE reached forward, and held L's hand. He looekd like a much yougner kid. a much yougner sweeter Beyond.
Jazzmin-Anime / 9y ago