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By Btherainbow
Rules & Other Such Nonsense You Should Know About

-When I say 'literate', I don't mean seventy-hundred-million character posts. My definition is having proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I DO understand occasional mistakes. I make them, myself. Just... Do you see the way I'm writing? This is what I mean. I only want your posts to be fun to read. :D

-If there's something wrong in a story, I love it. There can be good, sweet parts too, of course. I'm just a sucker for the angsty stuff!

-If you have any questions, ask away! Don't be afraid to discuss things with me! That's part of the fun! :D

Basically, I'm just looking for somebody to share a story with. I don't have anything in particular that I'm looking forward to doing, but nothing too cliche. Please, feel free to brainstorm with me!
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BtherainbowIggy   10y ago

(b << Don't be shy, guys. c: >> )
LoveMeNow     10y ago

I would love to roleplay with you darling
lilianSuigintou   10y ago

I would love to do an rp with you as well

I would like to roleplay with you, if you still need somebody to.
Bakudeku_dekusadHaze   1d ago



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