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Foot Fetish 1x1 RP

By cougarsforJesus

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A high class woman, ____, catches the attention of Corey, an average Joe, in his own mind, who has a foot fetish. Now, as he hopes to pursue the woman of his dreams, he not only has social class dividing him from her, but his barefoot fascination as well. What will happen when ____ and Corey hope to work out their differences, if they even reach that point?


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(OOC: Welcome back! ^___^ )

Andrew grew immensely turned-on as he blushed, receiving the soap and wash cloth from his beloved, Jessica. The ripped male loved the feeling that rushed throughout his entire body as his girlfriend washed him. She did a great job, but now it was his turn. Andrew looked at the perky breasts of his beloved and smiled, his facial expression almost seeming to ask for Jessica's approval for her lover to touch such lovely creations. Andrew smiled happily and immediately went to work, squeezing the soap with the wash cloth and then, applying the soapy cloth to his beloved's chest. He washed them thoroughly, becoming incredibly attracted in the process. When done with this, Andrew looked up, in order to see Jessica Alba's reaction to his work. When he was done with this, he proceeded to look back down and washed Jessica's lovely, golden legs and sweet feet. Andrew got close to his work and sniffed the clean bare feet before thoroughly washing them with the soapy cloth, paying attention to the tops and the soles of Jessica's radiant feet. When done with this, the male got closer to Jessica, trying not to arouse her too much with his member though. He tried to position himself in such a way that he could wash Jessica's bare back without her having to turn around for him to do so. After positioning himself in relation to washing Jessica's bare back, the male embraced and felt every part of his beloved. He rubbed down, on the sides, and back up again. Once down with that, he looked at Jessica impishly, hoping to touch her 'flower'. "Um..." Andrew's face turned a crimson red.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

"That would be wonderful," she said as she smiled and got up to get a wash cloth and some non scented soap. She sat back down and started to wash his pectorals and abdominals. Oh how she loved how beautifully ripped he was. She felt over his strong muscles when she washed him. She went up to his shoulders and arms and almost stopped because of how much she loved those biceps. How she would love to watch him work out someday. She washed over his neck and asked him to put his leg up and she washed each leg individually. She then sat back and handed the cloth and the soap.

"Wow!..." Andrew loved how Jessica teased him with her attractive voice and soft words and noises. He relaxed, feeling himself making extraordinary contact with his beloved actress. "You... will?..." Andrew loved when Jessica teased him and it made him have an 'accident' in the bath tub, his 'thing' mixing with the shampoo that was already in the tub from earlier in the day, when some came off from the bottle and hands of the previous user. "Let's wash each other, Jessica." The ripped male looked at his beloved actress and smiled. He wondered if she would be interested in doing this with him.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

(OOC: Hi again! :DD)
"We will Andrew. Do not fret. I shall take you to some of my sets and we shall have hotel rooms to ourselves to just make love and have fun." She purred this quietly in his ear as she felt his heart beat faster when he mentioned her going to film movies. "I will give you my number and I promise we will Skype every night. I shall miss you." She put her arms around his neck and hugged him and she moved on him slowly. She felt his back muscles and how tight they were. "You need a back massage my love. Maybe later." She smirked and winked at him.

(OOC: Hi again!)

Andrew let Jessica feel of his bulging muscles as he continued to express his love to her. He wished to stay in this position with her forever. "I hope that we can do this even when you act in movies and things like that, Jessica..." Andrew Mason thought about the reality of their relationship and knew that his beloved actress would be gone sometimes. He would miss her greatly but for now, he would give her all of his love.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

Jessica felt his entrance and moaned along with him and kept her tongue with his. She never wanted to stop this. She felt so close to him already. Her subconscious was shaking her head, but she didn't care. She loved this man already. As she let him suck on her neck as she moved on him, she whispered, "I... love... you too..." She smiled and went back to kissing him. She wanted him so bad and knew that they would be happy. She put her hands back on his arms which were up and his hands in her hair. She felt his huge biceps and dug her nails into them. He was so attractive, in every way.

"Oh my gosh!..." The male fetishist felt so good as he sensed the contact being made between Jessica's thigh and his now purple part of his 'thing'. "I... love you... so much..." Andrew kissed Jessica passionately, eventually finding her lady part and slowly inserting his 'thing' into it. "..." The male fetishist moaned submissively and let Jessica do as she pleased as he enjoyed all of his nerve endings touching her own. What would happen next?

(OOC: I'm sorry that the post is so short.)
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

"Oh it is quite alright Andrew. Please do what makes you comfortable." She knew that this could not last forever, so she enjoyed every minute of it. Her feet were starting to ache, as was her whole body. She wanted him so bad that she climbed on top of him and bit his neck softly then a little harder. She wanted him so bad. She shoved her tongue in his mouth and massaged his shoulders. She started to massage his pecs hard and feel his body. She thought it was amazing. She thought about what he would look like all sweaty and working out and that turned her on majorly. She could feel his thing on her thigh and pushed closer to him.

(OOC: I'm so glad! Me too! ^___^ )

"Wow!..." Andrew felt Jessica's perfect bare feet as they rubbed all over his 'thing', making him eject fluid at an alarming rate. It hit the water in the tub as well as Jessica's soles of her feet. "Oh no!..." The fetishist felt weak after his 'performance'. He wondered how Jessica would react. He then released again and again and again. "Oh... Oh!..." This was the first time that this had ever happened to Andrew and he wondered if the two would do anything else together, for his 'thing' would not be able to take much more before going soft again. Andrew loved his nickname. He would have loved any nickname that was given to him from his beloved Jessica Alba, whom he lovingly called 'Jess', though.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

(OOC: Aww :) I love meeting other romantics ^-^)

"Sorry for what dear? Did you..." she giggled. "Toot?" She laughed on his lips and looked into his eyes. "And I love your taste Drew... Um if that's an okay nickname for you." She blushed at her confidence. She kissed him and fell deeper and deeper into him. She wanted him. She could feel a complete connection forming between them and wanted to stay right here, forever. She splashed him a couple times, but always kissed him after. She smiled the whole time and let her feet run over his feet and legs and occasionally his "thing." She wanted to go everywhere and do everything with this man. "Andrew..." she said between kisses, "I... love... you... too..." she kissed him deeply and let herself get absorbed in him.

(OOC: I am too actually. ^___^" )

Andrew Mason's 'thing' grew long and heavy. He let it go wherever it wished to go and enjoyed when it found Jessica's thigh. "Wow!..." Andrew felt utter ecstasy as he experienced pre-fluid escape from his body. "I'm... sorry... Jess..." Andrew observed his 'thing' as it rubbed the inner thigh of his beloved actress, Jessica Alba. He then kissed her back and proceeded to make-out with her while the two were both completely nude in the tub. "I enjoy your taste... Jess..." The young male fetishist did not wish for this moment to stop, though he probably should not have gotten too carried away with himself. He showered Jessica's face with kisses and got lost in her passionate lip biting actions. Jessica was utterly intoxicating.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

(OOC: Oh geeze sorry >.< I'm a bit of a romantic xD)

She did not expect this man to be so forgiving of her and to bring the mood back. When he told her he would always love him, she smiled, but could not say it back, not yet at least. She shifted so she could kiss him also and push her pelvis back on his. She bit his bottom lip and enjoyed the taste of him. It was something amazing to her. He tasted like a very rare object that was to be enjoyed. She slowly ran her hands over his shoulders and down his pecs to his abs. She did not want to move them any further as she did not want this to go too far out of hand. She liked being intimate with people, but wanted to get to know him more than just he liked feet.

(OOC: Awesome. I trust you. I just don't want to overly do the love scenes in our role-play in such a way that it halts the thickening of the plot. :P )

As Jessica explained her previous conversation with her mother, Andrew leaned on the back of the tub. He tried to think of an idea that would help the couple to be more intimate without having to worry about the ever impending media that always lied in wake, ready to strike. "Um... Well... We cannot show much public affection anyway... That's just kind of like an unwritten law, right?... Anyway, we are alone right now, Jess, so let's make the most of it, okay?..." Andrew leaned into the space between himself and his lover, Jessica Alba. The young male fetishist could feel the lovely pelvis of his girlfriend as he moved to kiss the successful actress. "I love you always, Jess..." Andrew kissed Jessica and let the kiss linger on her beautiful lips for a while as the two were both nude in the tub. When Jessica ate the grape from the plate beside of her naked body, Andrew grew turned-on. He had a bit of a food fetish as well. He was very odd.
GamerrbabeJessica Alba   9y ago

(OOC: Just so you know, I do have a plot twist in mind xP)

"You know that phone call I took earlier? Well it was my mother. She said that people saw us and that they think some weird stuff. She said that we should be more exclusive for now." She sighed and leaned back against him in the warm water. She wished she could just have a normal relationship with someone with people thinking it was something huge. Her parents want her to be happy, why can't the public? She was frustrated now. She started to tense up. She hoped that he wouldn't be too mad for her ruining the mood. Sometimes, she just did it without even meaning to. She really wanted to have a nice relationship with this guy and then the press and public have to go and ruin it. She ate a grape off the plate that had been set next to them before they came in. It tasted extremely good to her.

(OOC: I'd prefer for the phone conversation to be implemented in some way. This session between the two characters is fun, but the story's plot needs to move forward eventually.)