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For Polkadotrocker

By Mariechan

Replies: 240 / 9 years ago

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Jake sighed and said,"alright I guess I'll go start the cruiser.
Bella shrugged. "I dont care" she said and sighed.
He sighed and said,"Yeah but I'll be done with that in a half hour Bella, what about the rest of the day?"
Bella blinked. "Arent you supposed to fix my dads cruser?" she asked and frowned.
Jake held her close to him and said,"what are we doing today?"
Bella smiled and kissed him gently.
Jake held her and said,"kiss me."
Bella smiled. "I know," she said and sighed again.
He sighed and said,"I know Bella but we're engaged.
"For what?" She asked frowning. "The wedding is forever away, thats it." She said and sighed.
Jake sighed and said,'your nto excited."
Bella sighed. "I dont know why." she said and pulled away to go sit down.
Jake sighed and said,'your dad seems excited."
"I love you too." she said and smiled also.
he smiled and said,"I love you Bella."