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Iriver Story HD vs Nook

By Webmaster

Replies: 0 / 9 years ago

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- Nook parses text out and gives nice variety of font sizes. iriver is very tiny font for your custom pdfs
- Nook organizes things by chapters, iriver can't
+ BN seems to abandon it's products if they're not the latest version. iriver seems to be active providing firmware updates
+ Nook battery life is way more terrible
+ Story HD doesn't mess up my math, programming and science books. This IS the most important feature for me
+ Story is legible in native resolution
+ Google Books is better than BN or amazon
+ Flipping pages is easier
- Have to do weird things to use web browser
- Not jailbroken so no ssh
= Still need lots of light to read on gray/black contrast
- Horizontal setting does not allow zooming.
+ I can add books to favorites and find them by title