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The Faster The Chase

By Viper

Replies: 9 / 10 years ago

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New York,the setting for the biggest underground racing circuits.From the long drainage basins to the Airport they race everywhere.The biggest ones is hosted by millionaire Kain Thorn who pays off the cops and the security on private courses to turn a blind eye to it.He also secretly races under the alias of the Viper and because no one ever see's the millionaire he isn't given special treatment so earned the respect of the other racers.Now he is hosting a tournament where the winner gets the grand prize of 500,000 dollars.He himself is competing for the money and even has to race the qualifyings.Who will win the grand prize and what lies in the way...
Rules are the standard with the exception of anime pics only.
Character Skeleton:
Short Bio (Optional):

Name: Kain Thorn (The Viper)
Age: 23
Car: Mustang Gt with custom engine mods
Personality: Quiet but witty when engaged in coversation..which isn't often.
Short Bio (Optional): The Description :}

Name: Ionen Cadavra
Age: 21
Car: Mitsubishi Spyder Convertible
Personality: Quiet when not spoken to, but once she gets to know you she opens up.
Short Bio (Optional): She was born into a wealthy family so the tickets she got were placed under the table. Her father is an imporatant politician who thinks she's a disgrace to the family. Her mother is usually drunk, so doesn't really have an opinion. Her older sister is a model in Paris. She's the black sheep of the family.

Name: Alexander Andrejevic Vorosilov (check Mate)
Age: 24
Car Purple Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera w/ twin turbo chargers, custom engine and break mods.
Personality: Open, outgoing, fun loving, hard to piss off, tolerant, active, kind, yet he is also unreliable, unloyal (in relationships, not in work) great friend (as long as you dont need to rely on him) prefers alcohol over his friends, loves one night stands.
Short bio: Born in russia, moved away when the conservative life style didnt work for him, got in to some light merc work and then heavy alcoholism (vodka), starting to get over it due to his new found (past 5 years) love for driving, he works on all his own cars, prefers sleek designs to in your face vinyls, nice and silent looking to avoid suspicion.

Name: Lina Jaymes
Age: 22
Car: Black Audi R8
Personality: Sarcastic and sharp tounged, stubborn, and an extreme extrovert. Bt dint get her wrong. If she likes you, she'll be loyal and kind, but only if you gain her trust.
Check put his car in to gear and silently rolled up to the line beside the mustang that held, so far, the only competition tonight. Checks window was still down, he lifted his hand, taking the last drag of his cigarette before throwing it to the floor. His surgically changed black and white eyes scrolled over to look at the window of the others car, and he just wondered, was the viper, hidden behind the pane of dark glass... Looking back?
Ion decided to stay out of the race that night, instead, she slammed her music, being the dj for most races. She would watch the racers, and see which one had what it took to win. They usually had to throw the afterparty as well and she wasn't in the mood to have people over to her large victorian mansion. She watched the mustang with interest as a lamborgini drove up next to it. The race was about to start and she grinned.
please lol. it was suposed to be grey but i was looking at bam mageras car))
(I just copied what you put down so do you want me to change it :})

Kain looked to the grey lamborghini beside him smiling.Nice car and probably a good driver but in time he would find out as the horn flared for the racers to line up.He headed out reving the engine on the line as more people joined it.It was originally a drag race but now however it was a sprint there and back.His fingers wrapped tightly on the steering wheel as he stared down the line of cars.
The Viper / Viper / 10y ago
btw it wasnt supposed to be purple XD. supposed to be grey))
Check sighed slightly as his fingers tapped the wheel of his car, a cigarette hanging between his fingers, which were draped over the side of the window, his black painted fingernails slightly chipped from working in the shop earlier. His eyes were staring blankly for the moment, just gazing out in to space as he watched the vipers car pretty much pull up beside him. He smiled slightly, this was gonna be fun.

Check was kinda new to this country and its little races, though he wasn't new to racing, or the 'rules'. He had shot up the ranks almost as quick as the viper. Czech music was playing through his speakers, hard rock with a good beat to it for driving.
Ion drove by a flashy mustang, her music set on low for the moment. It wasn't the car that made the racer, but the person sitting in the driver's seat. She smirked to herself as she parked and looked around at the others in their cars. Her own car vibrated with power even though she sat still. She didn't get out, though already she saw two of her buddies approach her to request some music.

Kain slowed to a halt having turned off the highway into the drainage basin.It was used as a drag racing track most of the time.He parked the car beside a row of them reving the engine.The car had the words 'The Viper' on the side and none dared to lift the hood without his say so like so many others.He reved again before laying his head back against the seat as 'Skindred-Nobody' came on.A good song for racing in his opinion..if it would ever start.
The Viper / Viper / 10y ago
<> I'll be back in a little bit~ have to get off for a while. Just so you know. <>
Your all added and I will post first in a minute.
The Viper / Viper / 10y ago