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Yaoi 1x1. Clooooosed.

By RainbowSceneBoy

Replies: 36 / 10 years ago

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Added. ^^
I have a MSN. ^-^;; dannyemoboy_@hotmail.com
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
[I have Skype and MSN. Do you have one of those? X3]
[[xD You got a yahoo or something? Or like...do you wanna timeskip?]]
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin smiled, Blushing lightly as he felt the male grind against him. He removed his hand and pushed his crotch against the boys, He smiled and started to grind against the boy, He bit his lower lip and let a little moan out, HE smiled and leaned down kissing the males neck and nibbling on it softly
Jake was soon as hard as he could get. He groaned softly, moving his hips up against his hand. He closed his eyes, kissing him back each time. He moved his hands under the back of his shirt slightly, his blush growing darker if it could, "Mhm.."He moaned out, grinding his hips up into his hand.
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin smiled and bit his lower lip, He chuckled lightly and pulled away from licking the males neck. He kissed his lips softly, One after another peck as he grabbed the boy hard over and over again, Wanting the bump to grow bigger, He started to rub it softly and slowly, But then went a little faster and harder. Deklin felt himself grow as he touched the other boy, He let a little moan escape his lips, He smiled lightly and bit his lower lip leaning in and kissing the male again roughly on the lips*
Jake wrapped his arms around his neck when he was picked up. He looked into his eyes, panting softly. His cheeks still a rosy red color. When he was put on the couch, he kept his arms around his neck,lacing his fingers in his hair, kissing back. He gasped loudly, letting out a loud moan when his crotch was grabbed. The bump growing a bit larger, "S..So goo...good.." He moaned out, panting softly. He slid his cold soft hands down his back.
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin smiled lightly and looked into the boys eyes, He pushed the boy up, Wrapping the boys legs around his waist and carrying him to the nearest couch he could find, He smiled and layed the boy down, Getting on top of him and kissing they boys lips softly again, He pulled away and gazed in to the boys eyes and bit his lower lips, Running his stray hand down the boys stomach and down to his pants, Grabbing the little bulge that formed in the males pants, He smiled and licked the boys cheek then down to his neck, Licking it*
Jake laced his fingers with the boy's even if he was being pinned to the wall, his own pants also growing a bit tight, "A..Aaah.." He moaned out again, tilting his head back a bit. When he bit into his neck he let out a small cry of pleasure, "Mhm.." His lips parted slightly, a few pants coming from his lips, "Pe..Pet.." He mumbled, grinding back against him also.
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin smiled as he felt the boy lick the blood away that strayed onto his lips, He bit his lower lip as he felt the male grind a little against his leg, Making Deklin a little aroused at this, His pants holding it back, He groaned and looked down at it, But then back up at the male, Licking the other side of the boys neck and nibbling on it lightly, Then sinking his teeth in hard and breaking the skin, Making it bleed on the other side, He sucked the blood, Giving the male a hickey, He smiled and started to grind against the boy softly*
Jake cried out in pur pleasure when he bit down on his neck, making it bleed. He blushed more, now a rosy colored blush was on his cheeks, "O...oh, g.....god, pet..." He moaned out softly. When he was pinned to the wall he looked up at the boy, his eyes slightly parted. When he was kissed he leaend up, kissing back. His own tongue licked his own blood from his lips, which the boy put on his lips when he kissed him. He tilted his head to the side a bit once again, giving him room. He slowly, almost shyly grinded down against his knee.
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin smiled as he heard the males response to both gestures, He bit donw on the males neck even hard, Making it bleed some, He slowly switched places with the boy, Pinning the male to the wall and pressing his lower parts against the other, He licked the boys blood and licked him lips, He smiled softly and make his way up to the males lips, Kissing him softly. Deklin pulled away and softly pushed one of his legs in between the others, Kissing the males neck again*
Jake gasped softly, letting out a small moan when the other rubbed his body against his own. Another gasp came from hs slightly parted lips when the other bit down on his neck. He moaned softly yet again, "Pe..Pet.." He mumbled, moving his hands up to his head, tilting his head to the side a bit. Giving him more room to his pale neck. He closed his eyes, lacing his figers int his hair, his own black bangs falling into his face, "A..Aaahh.."
Jake / RainbowSceneBoy / 10y ago
*Deklin laughed lightly and looked down at the male, He smiled and rubbed his body close to the other* "Their we go... Warm me up master" He said with a little moan, He chuckled and bit his lower lip looking down at the male with an smirk* "I can keep you company... " He said softly, Nuzzling his head into the males hair, Then down to his neck, Biting his neck softly*