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Vampire love (1x1 Closed)

By Tfreak1029

Replies: 28 / 10 years ago

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Damon once was human when he was 17, he remembered having human feelings in him but now he doesn't. Damon Salvatore has been a vampire for over 100 years now. He has been around the world to many times. Once he comes back home, what will happen if Damon becomes the new guy at the high school and falls for a human? Will the human fall for him back?


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Cussing: Sure
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Gm: No!!!
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Have fun!
Lyss read the note and smiled. "Sure." She tossed it back, then when the teacher wasn't looking, she stood up and moved to the seat next to Damon.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
Damon got the note then read it then smiled. 'Sure why not, come and sit by me. Theres an open seat.' he wrote back then threw it back to her with a smile on his face.
She opened it up, reading it and smiled. She wrote back. "Oh I see....hey you're in first hour right? wanna be partners?" She folded it up and tossed it back.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
As Damon thought about to write back he saw other girls glaring at him for not writing to them. He smirked a bit then chuckled. 'Well you seem different from the other girls. i also i have body else to talk to..' he wrote then threw it back to her.
Lyss smiled and caught it. She opened it up. "So why'd you write me a note, of all the girls in this room?" She wrote back, then tossed it back to him while the teacher was busy.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
Damon smiled as he got the note back. He opened it up and wrote back. 'Nice to meet you Lyss.' he then threw it back over to her desk when the teacher wasn't looking.
Lyss picked up the note that someone threw on her desk. She opened it and then wrote back. 'Hi. :) I'm Lyss.' She folded it up neatly and tossed it back at him when the teacher wasn't looking. She brushed her brown hair out of her face and smiled.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
As Damon sat in his seat now bored he looked around and sighed. He then got out a piece of paper and wrote down on it. 'Hey, Im Damon Slavatore. Im in your first class.' As the teacher looked away Damon threw it over to the beautiful girl then smiled as it landed perfectly on her desk.
Lyss sat in class, focusing on the teacher. She noticed the guy from her last class and smiled a bit. She wondered if he had the same schedule as her. She looked away, that way it wouldn't seem like she was staring at him.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
As Damon saw the beautiful girl walk into his same class he smiled then looked down at his feet now trying to not think about her but all he could think about was her. He wanted to know her so badly.
Lyss walked into her next class and took a seat by the window. She glanced at her schedule, it was Geometry. She yawned and sighed, hoping this class would go by fast, she had homeroom and lunch next.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
As Damon walked to his locker he saw it was right by the beautiful girls locker. He smiled then opened his locker up then got out his math stuff then started to head toward his Math class. He then walked in then sat down in the back row again now knowing this was going to be a very boring class.
Lyss stood up as the bell rang. She hurried out of the class, and went to her locker. She spun the dial on her lock, clicking the three numbers. She opened it and tossed her books inside, then started walking to her next class.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago
As Damon sat down he glanced at the girl and smiled. He then frowned as the class started. At the end of class he heard the teacher announce that they have to do a project. He sighed now knowing that all the girls would want to be with him except for the beautiful girl who sat next to him. As the bell rang he then got up the walked out of the class slowly. He then walked to his locker.
Lyss looked as someone she didn't know sat down in a seat near her. She bit her lip, then looked ahead as the teacher started to hand out the book for that class. She sighed softly, and neatly wrote her name on the inside cover of her book. She glanced to the people around her, only knowing a few of them. It made her nervous that she didn't know anyone. Pretty soon the class was nearing it's end, and the teacher anounced a project with partners. She looked around the room to see if she knew anyone that she could partner up with. The teacher anounced that he would get names of the pairs tomorrow in class, and Lyss sighed in relief. That meant she had a whole twenty four hours to find someone to be her partner.
Lyss / LanguageLover / 10y ago