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.:Shota Love:.

By Skye-Sama

Replies: 24 / 10 years ago

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Oh yus...another shota RP

and we need/want a seme
(Whos who xD
Ushaaaaa / 8d ago
((I...think O.O..and you put "a she" not "as he" I laughed at that XD))

Len was in the stall washing he already drenched hair.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
(IM time? >.>)

Yokiro smiled, following him. All the shower water was still warm, with the boys cleared out. Yokiro watched Len go into the showerstall. Yokiro just sat on the bench, slowly taking his own clothes off, and looking around a she spread his legs.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
"AH!" Len shouted a little at what he thought was a bump. "Hehe...sorry." He said walking into the locker room. Len didn't really want to undress infront of Yokiro, so he went into the shower stall were there was a curtan and he undressed in there.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
"(#FF00FF Just thought it'd be fun...)" Yokiro said, as he watched the gym teacher leave. The sounds of the showers were starting to fade out, as Yokiro walked up, behind Len, carrying a ball. He pressed right against Len, behind him, and tossed the ball into the closet.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
Len picked up the basket-balls calmly. "Why did you sign us up for the after-class?" He asked putting the basket-balls in the closet. Len was still very confused. Why would Yokiro sign both him and Len up? He stood there wiping his forehead and taking a deep breath.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
(b 20 mins. later)

(#880088 "Alright, kids, wrap it up!)" The gym coach shouted. All the other kids left the gym, leaving Len, and Yokiro in the gym. The sweat matted their foreheads and hair, and their shirts to their bodies. Yokiro was distracted in Len's sweaty flesh, but he was rudely awaken by the gym teacher's call for them to put up the balls.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
"Uhm...okay?" He said still a little confused. Len followed Yokiro. 'what the?' he thought blinking a couple times still following him. Len smelled his hand for a moment, he must've used his sister Rin's soap or something by accident.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
"(#FF00FF Yes... very...)" He said, rubbing his palm, before walking through the doors without another word.

"(#FF00FF Let's get to gym, shall we? I signed us up on... The after class, so we get to put the tools away, and shower last...)" He said, blinking and walking inside.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
"Eh...?" Len said a bit confused. "What do you mean, soft?" He asked feeling his hand. Len took a shower, so he hoped he smelled okay, but (soft)? He started blushing after noticing what was happening.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
"(#FF00FF Huh? Oh... Nothing...)" He said, sniffling and looking at his hand, slowly touching it. "(#FF00FF You're...pretty soft... And you smell good too...)" He said blinking with a smirk.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
"Oh, I don't think we've properly met!" Len said smiling. "My name's Len!" he said putting his hand out for shaking. "Wha...what are you looking at?" Len asked curiously.

((short O.O sorry >.<))
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
[I know right?! XD]

"(#FF00FF Huh?)" He asked, looking up at him. As soon as the small boy came to him, his eyes were looking... elsewhere... And he had barely even heard him.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago
((I'm sorry but I just laughed harder than I should have at that XD and Yokiro looks a little older than Len O.O nope Len's just small nevermind XD))

"Hi" Len said walking up to his new friend. He smiled brightly, no one could resist his smile. Including one of the girls in class. Her name was Skye and she was creepy, anyway...nobody could resist Len's adorable smile.
shota LEN / Skye-Sama / 10y ago
(b I hope this profile be okay? ^.^)

"(#880088 Yokirooooooooooooooooo!)" Yokiro's mom shouted before he came upstairs.

"(#FF00FF Don't worry, mum. I'm going now.)" He said before stepping out the door, and heading to his new school. This boy's name was Yokiro Tosiro, and he was a gay small boy. He had had plenty of relationships before... But he had set eyes on someone new.

At his new school, the first one to talk to him was a small blond boy. Hell, Yokiro could barely remember the boy's name because he undressed him with his eyes... Well, erm, anyways...

Yokiro headed to school, rubbing his nose and standing outside, waiting for his new friend.
Yokiro Tosiro / Adrien / 10y ago