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Hesitation (Soul Eater rp NEED Death the Kidd)

By Torinchan

Replies: 2 / 11 years ago

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Chrona is lost and confused, depressed and pitiful, its baffling how she is as strong as she is. Medusa broke her well to follow her orders, the orders of her mother. Her abusive mother. After waking the kishin Medusa throw's Chrona away like a rag doll. No where to go she wanders Death City aimlessly. No where to go, no one to go too. She sits on the side of the room waiting to die. Death the Kid is walking down the road and see's the demon blade wielder and immediatly attacks. Guns drawn he confronts her aim at the ready. Until she looked up at him, Big, sad pitiful, beautiful eyes meet his. And he cant pull the trigger.
He hesitated.
Death the Kid does NOT hesitate.
Well, until now. and when he finds out whats happend to the girl, and that she's no longer working with Medusa, he takes her to his father. Seeking what should be done with her. Shinigami-sama enrolls her in Shibusen Acadamy, and she ends up living with Death the Kid so that she can have an eye kept on her. Just incase.
What will happen?

Paragraph posts please
Must know soul eater
Must stay at least a little in Char.
Yes it is diviating from the original plot line from Cron in the show, but thats not uncommon so...yeah...lol.
Would someone join? i'd really like to have a good rp.
<Someone join please?>
(i Tackt ... tackt ... tack . Ta-tackt ... tackt ... ta-kak )
Unsteady footsteps stummbled over each other as the rose haired girl miandered through Death City. Sad dull eyes turned up to the sky and the glistening tear in the corner of one eye fell. Crona didnt cry very often. She'd done it so much before, when she was younger, when she was learning, when she was an expirement for Lady Medusa...For mother. After a while, it became exhausting. Like, when you havent slept in a couple of days, at first your really tired, but after a while, you stop feeling tired, you still are, you just dont act like it. Depression works similarly. Once you've been in the state long enough, its not forign enough to beget a reactino like crying anymore. At least, that was Crona's theory on the matter. But that is beside the point.
Ragnarok was quiet for once, He was just as shocked as she that Medusa had thrown her away. The monster of her own blood hid under her skin and was most likely asleep right now. When he wasnt tormenting Crona, or fighting, thats generally what he did.
(i Tackt ... tackt .... ta-tackt .. tack)
Anyone watching the girl walk along slumped in her posture and stummbling in her gaite they would think her to be suffering some sort of disease, perhaps ill, or intoxicated by somthing. Every step she took looked as if she were falling forward as she walked, but she was not. Crona stopped. Knees shaking her pale eyes dropped to the ground and the grip one arm had on the other tightend as three more tears fell from her eyes.
"M-m-mother..." she Hiccuped out softly and fell to the ground, Knee's no longer able to support the weight of pain on her shoulders and in her mind she whimpered looking at the concrete beneath her.
"Wh-wh-what d-do I d-do n-no-now?" The thin girl whimpered out as a few more tears fell. "I-i-I d-dont kn-know H-ho-how to ha-Handel th-thi-is" She choked out as she sat helpless on the side of the road. Medusa always told her what to do, How to be, Where to go. She knew to listen to Medusa...to Mother. But now...Medusa no longer wanted her, needed her...Crona didnt know what to do.