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2013/04/15 @ 01:02 GMT

This is not comprehensive. If you have any questions not listed within, message

If you're BRAND SPANKIN' NEW, take the time to explore around the site, and test things for yourself! I cannot stress this enough!

To be implemented: "I just joined today. HOW 2 DO EVERYTHING?"

Due to the amount of content, all items will now be
. All links in this FAQ will be

The word 'blue' earlier is not linked, it was just a demonstration.

Unsorted, answered questions:



How do I put up a youtube thing?
How do I make links in text?
How do I use colours?
How do I centre/right-align text?
How do I show code?



How do I delete my profile?
What are Shiny Objects?
How do I recover my account?
How do I change my username?
How do I make a character?
What is 'LVL'?



How do I get a picture from my computer on here?
How do I resize pictures?
How do I put a picture on a thread?


How do I make a table? [Basic]

How do I make a table? [Advanced]

I'll link some resources here later.


Go home. Really. =P

Video ChatKumospace [Everyone]Gather.town [Everyone]
OmioRuno   12y ago

Thread now open to public! Please ask your questions here, if you think it will be suitable for the FAQ.

Current list to implement later:

Basic table tutorial
Unordered lists, Ordered lists, Definition lists.
Centred text.

Hey, I do have one question pertaining to some of the new features. Would you happen to know what the whole "Level" thing is on the new "requests" page? A lot of them have things like "Level 29" or "Level 32" so something to that effect.

Would you happen to know what this is all about?
Runswithhorses     11y ago

Here's one, is there a way to edit and delete your advertisements?
OmioRuno   11y ago

@Madaran: There's an info paragraph here: http://rp.eliteskills.com/need_people.php

@Runswithhorses: What exactly do you mean? Do you mean from the advertise thread, or from the top of the page?

If you mean the top of the page, you take a chainsaw to your monitor, and cut it out.

Please note that ES staff, clients, and myself included will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from this obviously incorrect practice.
Locket     11y ago


I keep getting this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qfa() in /var/www/nrp/advertise_rp.php on line 15

everytime I want to advertise.

May you explain?

Thank you.
Omio     11y ago

I'm not bothering with this one. Either enable Javascript, or stop using IE. That's all I can hand for simple advice.
TeddyTerraDea     11y ago

What is the shiny objects that are numbered on everyone's profile?
DaranMatthew Grain   10y ago

im sorry but out of curiosity how do people rate the levels on rps???
Omio     10y ago

LVL is a not-solid indicator, usually pointing out brief/simple with lengthy/complicated. The higher the level, the more formatting and length has gone into it.
ladyharukiRain   10y ago

I require assistance in finding someone.
Omio     10y ago

Make your (http://rp.eliteskills.com/search.php search here).

On the side, there's PMs / (http://rp.eliteskills.com/search.php Search) - The "Search" is what you're looking for.
LadySeraphUmbraxia Atrium   10y ago

When I put a thread on my watch list, It takes everything off of that thread's page except for the reply box and the replies in the thread. Is it supposed to do that?
Yue     10y ago

If you click on the (blue Click here to see thread description again) it will show you the things that disapeared. It just hides away the description once you watch the thread to make it easier. The (blue Click here to see thread descriotion again) should be where the description usually would be. Right below where you can click for the chat.
LadySeraphUmbraxia Atrium   10y ago

Ok, thanks :)
KentaOmega   10y ago

Why are some names colored while others, including my own, are not?
Yue     10y ago

Are you talking about those in Active People?? The color depends on how long you have been apart of ES, meaning how long since you've joined. The lower or more recent joiners have color with names while those who have been apart of ES for a longer time do not have color.
hextheblackcathex   9y ago

hello there^^
can you show me how to do the Quotes: thingy-a-bob
i would like to know how to do it
Omio     9y ago

In what way?
Code quotes are like this:

One line quotes:
It is easy to type.
> It is easy to type.
hextheblackcathex   9y ago

both ^^ and thank you
hextheblackcathex   9y ago

i was just wondering . . . .is there a way to change the size of the youtube vidoes or must i live with it?
Yue     9y ago

There is no way to change the size of a youtube video... at least not that I know of. I'm sorry, you'll probably just have to live with it.
hextheblackcathex   9y ago

:( oh well . . .
thank you for answering mes question^^
lazenganZOEbass cannon   9y ago

Um I wonder I have been bothered by this since I joined why not make it so you can see the pms you sent a out box
Omio     9y ago

This is because this would effect the speed of the PMs drastically, slowing them to less than 50% of the current speed [which is to say that we'd get over 100% more 504 time-outs than when we had a few PM problems].

(font "Corbel" Thank you, I found this thread most useful and informative. Just one thing, though: Could you possibly explain to me how the numbers work in creating the advanced tables? As far as I understand, each indicates how many cells width/height they cover but I'm still a bit confused.)
(font "Corbel" Thank you for your time.)(right (font "Blackadder ITC" (#660033 Rose xx)))
Omio     9y ago

(b, x, y) - 'b' is the "bold" flag. 1 for bold, 0 for not-bold. 'x' is the number of cells to span over in the column [left/right]. 'y' is the number of cells to span over in the row [up/down].

Does this help?

(b EDIT:) Also, cells go from top-down, left-to-right, like in normal tables.

(font "Corbel" Brilliant! Thank you so much!!)(right (font "Blackadder ITC" (#660033 Rose xx)))
Omio     9y ago

Added to the FAQ, thanks for asking.
MeuRedenzon     9y ago

The above example says we can herp, but we can't derp.
Why is this? And what would happen, persay, if one were to derp?
Omio     9y ago

Taking examples too seriously will lead to copyright infringement.

Jimmy no like copyright infringement. He had enough close calls with the DMCA as-is.

MeuRedenzon     9y ago

o.o Alright, I'll lay off the herpaderp.
Omio     9y ago

-----     9y ago

so i can't delete my account?
Yue     9y ago

No, there is no way to delete an account. However check (http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=1412 Omio's profile) to see what he calls 'sockpuppeting'. It doesn't delete the account but it lets Omio gain control over it.
hextheblackcat     9y ago

Question: how can you clear a chats top box-thingy?
Yue     9y ago

You cannot clear the flash chat.
But it isn't a permanently log, so only 16 messages stay there I believe and as they move up, you lose the messages. But there is no way to clear a flash chat. I know that the site will refresh or update and the flash chats will clear. But only if Jimmy does it I think.
hextheblackcat     9y ago

*sighs * okay . . . .and thank you for helping^^
Yue     9y ago

Sorry about that.
You can always clear the thread though! Haha.
Sorry for not being as much help, but you're welcome anywho :)
iSMILExIZZIx     9y ago

I stopped playing for a while. I'm back now with a new account. But I'm trying to get a hold of the website I used to upload all my photos. I'm almost positive it isn't Photobucket because I would have found my account by now. It was a website one of you guys suggested for me. Said that most people use it. Anybody know what i'm talking about? Sorry about this, but if you can solve it, I'll love you forever.
iSMILExIZZIx     9y ago

Lol. Nevermind I found it. It was Imgur. And I highly suggest that website for anybody uploading pics. Just saying c:
Yue     9y ago

Yeah. If you go to create a character and clikc "how to upload pictures" or something like that, it's a link on there. The first place it says to go is imgur to upload pictures from you computer. It's a great place. :)
I'm glad you found it! Sorry for the late reply.
Omio     9y ago

I use Photobucket, personally, but any place meant for hosting images works. =3
Omio     9y ago

I use Photobucket, personally, but any place meant for hosting images works. =3
Omio     9y ago


hextheblackcat     9y ago

hi there ^^

i just want to know why theres a cat with camer on its head above some chats. do you know anything about it?o.0
Omio     9y ago

It's annual Cat Cam day today, visit the flash chat (http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=15682 (#0000FF here))
hextheblackcat     9y ago

okies thanks^^
RyxIam     9y ago

Hey Omio? Do you know why every roleplay being advertised is suddenly level 3333?
Yue     9y ago

It's a temporary fix for the 504 Gateway Timeout.
The LVL was slowing down the site, and giving everyone the 504 Gateway Timeout so Jimmy had made everyone's lvl 3333 as a temporary fix for the time being.
RyxIam     9y ago

Oh. Whatever works, I guess.


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