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Beginner Help: How do I upload a pic?

By Webmaster

Replies: 175 / 10 years ago

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Upload your pic to (http://imgur.com/ imgur). Copy the direct link and paste it in the (b Picture URL:) field.

Other Places to upload the image

(http://tinypic.com/ tinypic), (http://imageshack.us/ ImageShack), (http://photobucket.com/ Photobucket), (http://bayimg.com/ bayimg)

Resize and Edit Images Online

Some images are too large. You can resize images online with these services.

(http://www.picresize.com/index.php?rm=common_qresize&effects=1 Resize), (http://www.resizr.com/ 1), (http://www.resize.it/ 2), (http://www.pixlr.com/editor/ 3),

Why is there no upload?

Luckily there's third party sites that provide the resources for free so we can allocate our server resources to more important things. Some people have like 50+ profiles with large pictures and thousands of posts. People often refresh the page over and over while checking for updates, which redownloads all the images in the thread. We only have a 250gb hard drive and wouldn't be able to support all the pictures and bandwidth in the long run.
Trying this again, and trying to figure out what filler to put here so I can try pictures outtt
LeahLockheart / 83d ago
Just seeing if this works, probably not haha, but it's worth a try, I guess.
LeahLockheart / 83d ago
Aaah no problem! I'm glad I could help you out.
Yeah I ended up having to just delete the https off completely and finally got it to load.
This helps out a lot!
Thanks for all the help.
Owl / FadingReality / 87d ago
Ok ok, I [i think] I got it!

This is the link from your profile: http://https//i.imgur.com/XoIIpCe.jpg

But if you use this link it should work: https://i.imgur.com/XoIIpCe.jpg

I think ES automatically includes that extra http:// at the beginning when you put the link in the picture url field. I [i think] - something similar happened when I tried to change my picture. But yea! Lmk if it works/doesn't work.
This is the character here I was just trying to upload for and no matter howbmany times I tried or the links I copied I couldn't get it to work.
Owl / FadingReality / 87d ago
Are the pictures/characters on your profile rn?


I feel a little dumb saying this, but I am having a huge problem.
For some reason, whenever I am done editing the pictures I wish to use and I try posting them on imgur and I copy the link to post for my characters here.
The link never works, or it won't show the picture at all.

I have tried everything I could think of and I am tired of reEditting the same pictures in hope it will work.
FadingReality / 87d ago
@Wintermourning - You could try postimage? That's the one other image hosting site that I know of that I don't think has been mentioned yet (sorry if it has though, I didn't go through the thread). BIRME is also a decent, free tool for resizing images, especially if you want to resize large batches of them if one go - if anyone needs that kind of thing.
Hey, hey, hey! Just testing out an image again!!!!
LeahLockheart / 91d ago
So, I've tried out the sites above that'd help with getting a link for my pictures but...after about 2 hours I came up empty. Still.
So- If anyone knows of a (free) site that doesn't require a phone number- but actually works with any of the different types of 'links' available...lemme know.

This shit was easily doable in the past when photobucket was free and kinda good.
Joy / WinterMourning / 113d ago
Heyyy! Justmaking sure this thing works! How's everyone today? With the pandemic, I hope everyone is happy and healthy!
LeahLockheart / 127d ago
Test test test test hello is this thing on? *taps mic*
Girl_In_Red / 299d ago
Test test. Just checking what my username is, lol.
Convolvulus / 4y ago
Hi mr Wanna do a dbz rp? It will be fun I will tell u my oc in the next reply
MegaKirby / MegaKirby / 5y ago