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the place of punishment for the wicked after death.

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bitter.belial.   18d ago


An otherworldly, psycho nightmare pocket dimension, pulling right off the corner of the damned realm. It belonged to Belial, a large, completely silhouette monster with a feminine appearance through the shadows. Long, lanky fingers with pointed nails and a glowing red center that you could swear you could hear the screams of the poor souls trapped within the damn realm if you stared into it for too long. Served as a permanent reminder of where some people were going to end up once she was done with them and their crimes, or lack thereof. Nothing got past the all seeing creature. A large mirror, placed on a far wall from the main entrance into her domain. It had a hand carved human bone and obsidian frame with a single demon skull that sat upon the top of it with a set of hands that held it in place, cradling it with care. It was a gift from God and then enchanted by the Devil to give her an all seeing vantage point from within her own dimension. 

A muffled shriek as a body was tossed to the ground once they got a look at the beast that had taken them from their realm. A set of dark, unmoving and unblinking eyes stared down upon the woman. A smile crept across the shadowed face, showing a set of white, sharp teeth cause further struggle and distress as the woman squirmed to be free of her bondage. Belial reached down, snatching the body up within her long fingers and before placing her upon the table. 

“You have no power here, angel,” Belial reached out the pull the body into a sitting position. Angels were her favorite to take to her little shop of horrors. They were so self righteous and if one became too holy for their realm, Belial got first pick before the Devil. She enjoyed the angelic screams that she could produce from these heavenly beings. 

“Sing me a sweet tune, darling,” Belial whispered, pulling the body closer to her. She embraced the body against her, resting her large hands over where the angel's wings would be. She pressed her fingers into its back before pulling the wings out in full display before snapping them in two. A scream echoed in Belial's ear, which caused a big, sickening smile to cover most of her lower face. 

Belial pulled back, staring down at the angel as she squalled for forgiveness. She was amazed that the angel could even form words. She had heard that an angel getting its wings ripped of was one of the most painful things to even be recorded. Beyond mortal or demonic pain. She then picked the wings off like a child pulling wings off of flies. “I consider angel wings a delicacy and very hard to come by,” Belial hummed as she placed both wings onto a separate table for later. 

Once satisfied to send the angel to their eventual hell, Belial took the body in her hands once more. Ragged breathing casted righteous hate at Belial as she walked to the dark hallway that lead from her own home and sent the angel off to whatever level of Hell meant for such a beast.




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