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Characters for my solo party (4)


Rogue (Inquisitive)

Relic: Ravens Feather/Duty


Relic: Angels Feather/Redemption

Celestial Warlock.

Ayama Roseheart

Wizard (Blade Singer)

Relic: Broken Blade/Justice


(Oath of devotion)

Relic: Sunrise Medallion/Faith


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ShieldHero-     17d ago


This is for my story, my solo DnD campaign not a written novel/story or book so it will read like a game and a way for me to record and remember. Not that anyone should be reading.. But if someone wants to judge I'm not really trying to make a story (I may when I finish who knows.)


Session One/Arrival


Enter Sakomoto Sato


“A coffee please and oh.. Make it black please.”


A usual lie of his, creamer and sugar would be added soon enough. Still his favorite detective drank it black, even if.. Well he wasn't exactly real. Here was in a coffee shop in the dismal downtown of Lantan. A pretty enough nation and by the grace of Gond full of technological progress. He had flipped his crystal open looking for any recent messages.

Cerron… Daggerford has a missing person's case huh? Well.. Guess I'll have to take a flight on the airship."

His sister had left him a message too, tonight he was supposed to celebrate with them.. But if he left now he could make the first flight.

“Sorry guys.. I'm sure father will understand.”


He had left the usual explaining his reason for being late. Normally he'd bring a retinue of guards but it wasn't like he was heading into a suspects house or anything quiet yet. It was time to get a move on. Taking a step out he let out a breath of cold air, vehicles run by elemental rune energy whizzing by as he looked out to the starry sky. This was the point where one may ask Gond for guidance.. But in reality they ever only looked out for their own agenda hadn't they? Well.. Without a second thought the young detective had made his way to port.

Enter Arthur Chevalier

Yah! Haha!

In the fields of an open courtyard swung forth a young squire, against an older dark haired opponent. There was a clash of blades, a swirling of steel. The blond had used brute force with a shield to push his opposition back, however he was quickly stopped with a forward trip of his opponents greave. With a slight stumble he had hooked the tip of his sword in the hilt of the blondes blade.

Uh oh…

He knew what came next, with proper leverage his opponent lifted the blade in the air before catching it with grace in his spare hand.

“Arthur… You can't just rely on defense and brawn.. You gotta use you're head. Think before you charge in.”

Heh… I'm terrible at this swordplay stuff… Huh? Jeez.. First I can't even learn magic.. Now I can't get this down? Some paladin I am…"

 Oh.. come on! Hey.. Maybe magic is slow going.. But you're a lot stronger than I was at you're age!

 Oh come on Lance.. Even dad says strength doesn't mean you can sword fight.. I might as well tend the fields or work as a pack mule if all I got is brawn…"

Ya know, agriculture is a perfectly valid profession and-

I don't wanna be a farmer! I wanna.. I wanna help others defend the people like you and father… Hey Lance.. Can I ask you an odd question?


Farmers defend the people in their own way ya know, trust me.. you eat like a horse! Hmm..? Sure! Honestly I've got some news to share with you as well. 

Well.. what was mother like? I mean.. Was she a badass knight? Like dad?

Ahh.. lady Nimue… as I have stated before.. We do have different mothers.. So I can't honestly say.. I apologize.

Hey you don't have to apologize! I'm the one who keeps forgetting.. Maybe you're knocking some brain cells outta my head! Haha! So… What's the news?"

Well… don't get too hopeful or anything but.. Around Daggerford there is a missing persons report. Knights from Baldurs gate have been dispatched I even heard Lantan is involved.. You may join a caravan.. As a guard while they investigate. I know it sounds boring but-

Ya kidding?! Sure the craziest thing I'm sure I'll see is a wild animal but.. Still! Something to do! I can travel and maybe spar with the other knights! This is huge! Thank you Lance! Let me guess.. Father asked you to didn't he?


Actually.. it was Gwen's assignment she wanted to help get you're foot in the door so to speak.

Oh man she's the best big sister ever! You too! Well.. not the sister part but ya get it!

Haha yes yes… Be careful.. Okay?

Careful is my middle name!

The blonde had grinned as the two shook hands, it wasn't long before Arthur had made his elder brother give him a hug instead. Than.. he was off to prepare a carriage.. To Daggerford.

Enter Amaya Roseheart

In a confidant stride the young woman walked the halls of this magnificent manor. Heading out from her study with a letter in hand.

“Preposterous they said, the scholars of Lantan.. The scholars of the candle keep. A leyline irregularity at Daggerford.. One that has shifted in the sword coast before.”

"I just.. I knew it! Gods above this is my chance to gather some data.. I best leave a letter for father. Though I'll miss my prior engagement… Not that it's a problem anyway. Just another noble.. Cozying up the Rosehearts. Or perhaps they'll wonder too..

Amaya was a noble woman second and a scholar first, adopted by wood elves her parents cared deeply for her. She never understood however why they were so kind to her when her presence brought many questions… “Are you infertile? Why take a human?” It was for this alone.. She felt bad for not meeting the Warren noble. She didn't want to get married but at the same time.. She didn't want to cause trouble for her parents either.

After this project.. I must slow down.. No need to halt my studies but.. My responsibilities as a noble woman should start coming first… Still.. If I can bring something worthwhile to Candle keep… Perhaps…

And with that.. her thoughts had escaped her once more as she too made way to Daggerford.


Enter Eclaire Valliere



“Where am I… What is this… Mist…? Wait… Who.. Am I..?”


A strange warm light had come through a sea of mist and gnarled branch. The smell was damp and yet, her feet were touching soft mud the gnarled branches of tree's against her arms. As she looked around she saw nothing but this dark wood and this endless fog. The silence was deafening except this small ball of light.. It somehow made.. A beaming noise albeit small almost as if it could flicker out at any moment. She held her small petite hands outward as it came to her.

“Are you.. Scared too…? It's okay… I've got you.. At least this way.. We don't have to face alone.”

Her face was flat, like a flat note upon a piano and yet her voice quivering at first in the empty wood began to calm. This orb was erratic but in her hands.. The two found a small bit of solace. Her face albeit straight a smile reached her eyes where her lips could not. It was than.. She had finally remembered.. Her name.



ShieldHero-     17d ago

Chapter Two Daggerford

Sakomoto Sato had made his way and on good time upon the flight too. He had begun to investigate Daggerford looking for answers. It was clear that in time he needed to talk to the Duchess of Daggerford.

Duchess Morwen of Daggerford is having guests for dinner, “This could be my chance.. To talk to her..” The rogue had thought to himself.

A cool autumn breeze blows through the streets as Sakomoto make his way to the keep. Night had quickly come, many dining upon, spicy soup and tenderly cooked pheasant, Sakomoto could tell that the duchess seems more out of sorts than usual. Then a pall comes over the occasion as she voices her concern about a band of wayward travelers camped outside the town’s walls. They seemed harmless at first, but Morwen has received reports that they have begun harassing townsfolk and other visitors as they come and go, demanding money and wine, and threatening to put hexes on anyone who doesn’t pay up.

Yesterday, the duchess ordered several guards to scare away the mysterious visitors, but they couldn’t get the job done. When the guards returned, they spoke sympathetically about the visitors. It seemed as if the guards had been magically charmed.

Morwen doesn’t want an armed conflict, but she aims to send a stern message to the visitors and ask any willing in the crowd to deliver it on her behalf. “If they don’t leave before dawn,” she says, “I’ll burn their wagons to the ground.”

Sakomoto had looked to the ballroom.. Guards.. Knights.. Scholars and nobles they were all shocked by her strong conviction. The missing persons case.. Were these outsiders to blame? Violence wasn't required but a warning. If they were innocent it'd be the humanitarian thing to warn them. If they weren't..? He needed information. It seemed his retinue wasn't here. Sakomoto had prepared to raise his hand but.. before he could a loud blonde man had jumped to the fray.

 Huh?! Burn? They didn't kill anyone just a charm! I… I'll get them to stop all right?! Before dawn!

“Do you question the duchess's orders boy?”

“Hmm.. that is all right ser Harold, he is a Chevalier.”

In the crowd whispering could be heard although loud hushed whispers. “Isn't that the Chevalier runt? I hear he can't even use magic.. He really is small in real life too.” Sakomoto had looked to the young squire. “Foolish.. But his heart is in the right place. To be called a runt…" Another woman had stood forward with a regal dress. Flowing silver hair.

I will accompany you ser knight.

Oh wow! You're a pretty knight! Also.. I'm just a squire.. You can call me Arthur!'

Sakomoto had almost spit his drink out at the boys brash compliment the murmurs grew even louder. “Arrogant she is a Roseheart! Well.. Even if she is human..” “What an idiot…” She had blushed lightly with a blink as she shook her head.


Nobleman's compliment's are not needed here I must inform you.. The guards of Baldurs Gate will not head out on short notice against an unknown force even as a warning. Not while the situation is under control domestically speaking. 

Compliments aren't needed silly! But uhm.. What does all that stuff mean…?

It means Lord Chevalier, that if we are to travel it will be as a small group. 

We..? You don't look like a knight!

I should add Arthur that I am not one either.

I am a detective, from Lantan and I'm afraid my retinue will exercise the same caution of Baldurs Gate. I cannot blame them but I believe a small group to send a message works out better anyway. I am Sakomoto Sato.

Amaya Roseheart

And of course I'm Arthur.. Chevalier!

The duchess had looked the three over before offering a slight nod.

“Go than, and make my warning known to these outsiders and good luck the forest can prove dangerous at night.”


Self note may add rolls here may not but rolling on DDB/IRL

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Chapter Three Mysterious Visitors

As the party makes way to the camp out in the woods… 

As the evening grows darker, they see a dozen men and women gathered around a crackling bonfire. The folk are in good spirits. A few of them sing and dance around the fire while others find happiness in their flasks and wineskins. Three barrel-topped wagons are parked at odd angles. Tied to a nearby tree, grazing, are half a dozen draft horses wearing bright coats with bangles and tassels.

Arthur smiles and tries to sing along. (Performance check) which.. He does so rather well! Lifting the spirits further! Sakomoto cleared his throat before heading to the center of camp to an elder man who seemed to be in charge.

I hate to ruin the mood.. However Lady Morwen has a message.. It well..

She'll burn this camp down if you don't leave. 

Sakomoto had slowly turned to Amaya before turning away, not once has he managed eye contact with her.. Women weren't his forte but.. To be so blunt! Plus.. He needed to know if they were behind the disappearances 

Stanimir laughs. “Don’t worry. We have no wish to make enemies of Lady Morwen. I have a story to tell all of you. First you listen, then we go. You're blonde friend already has joined the festivities you must enjoy!"

Seems reasonable enough.

All right care onward sir.


“I should introduce myself.. I am Stanimir of the Vistani now.. For our tale!”


Stanimir fills his mouth with wine, then spits into the fire. The flames turn from orange to green. As they dance and sway, a dark shape appears in the bonfire’s core.

“We come from an ancient land whose name is long forgotten—a land of kings. Our enemies forced us from our homes, and now we wander the lost roads.”

The dark shape in the fire takes the form of a man being knocked from his horse, a spear piercing his side.

Stanimir continues. “One night, a wounded soldier staggered into our camp and collapsed. We nursed his terrible injury and quenched his thirst with wine. He survived. When we asked him who he was, he wouldn’t say. All he wanted was to return home, but we were deep in the land of his enemies. We took him as one of our own and followed him back toward his homeland. His enemies hunted him. They said he was a prince, yet we didn’t give him up, even when their assassins fell upon us like wolves.”

Deep in the bonfire, you see the dark figure standing with sword drawn, fighting off a host of shadowy shapes.

“This man of royal blood fought to protect us, as we protected him. We bore him safely to his home, and he thanked us. He said, ‘I owe you my life. Stay as long as you wish, leave when you choose, and know that you will always be safe here.’”

The figure in the dancing fire vanquishes its final foe, then disperses in a cloud of smoke and embers.

Stanimir’s face becomes a somber mask. (DC 15 insight check)

Sakomoto had looked to his daughter, a young and vibrant vistana woman. Was Stanimir… sending her a signal? What was this face for…? Sakomoto didn't wanna admit it but…. His daughter was incredibly well… Attractive. 

“Actually…” He had thought to himself veering a bit off track, Amaya was too.. A regal and tall woman. She held herself with elegance but she was without a doubt a rather beautiful woman. However.. she had turned to look at him. Was he.. Staring at her..? She raised an eyebrow tilting her head.


Yes? Is their anything on my face Mr Sato? 

Hmm? Oh.. N-No! I.. Jeez…

Arthur had tilted his own head curiously she had remained curious herself but Stanimir himself had laughed.

“Ahh, to be young once more.. Now I am sure you are here for the missing person's report as well yes? Well.. Be that the case.. I have news for you.”

Amaya could read his face before, a somber mask.. A deep thought.. A regret and a favor.. One he didn't ask in the end. What was he thinking? She had an idea.. of his feelings but she was more confused than before.


Arthur failed

Sakomoto nat 1'd (lol)

Amaya Passed

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Chapter Four Into The Mist

“Beyond the mist.. Massive wolves take those whom you seek… And before you ask.. It is not I who knows what you look for. Madam Eva.. She knows all and she can help you in Barovia.”

'That sounds perfect!!


Thank you we shall head out than


No need.. I shall take you child

Stanimir had let out a wide and toothy smile, the Vistani camp began to make ready as they head forth to beyond the mist.

They begin to travel deeper into the massive forest


Heavy mists roll in across the road, creeping between the weather-worn trees like gnarled, ghostly fingers. The air carries an unnatural chill, and the hush of silence falls over the woods like a burial shroud.

As the wagon rolls, something catches their eye—a hunched silhouette in the fog, watching silently from the underbrush. Then, as quickly as it came, it vanishes.

The wagon picks up pace on the path, wheels squelching in the wet brown mud. Gray-tinged light filters weakly through the treetops—and then darkens, an enormous avian shadow overhead briefly blocking out the day. It disappears, leaving not even a stir to the air in its wake.

Not moments pass before the daylight blinks out once again—this time, by a reptilian silhouette that soars across the heavens, batlike wings spread wide. It, too, plunges into the mists, devoured by the fog as dozens of tiny, birdlike shadows flit among the ancient branches far above. The birds' silhouettes follow the dragon's into the mist, and silence falls once more.

More visions come, fleeting and ephemeral, like whispers on the wind. A tall, slender figure looms in the darkness, feathered wings spreading elegantly from its back before it, too, melts into the shadows. In the distance, a broad-shouldered silhouette lurks among the moss-covered trunks, the shadow of an axe across its shoulder as it slowly curls a clawed, swollen hand. It hold their gaze for a moment, then fades back into the fog from whence it came.

A final figure—a tall, cloaked silhouette sitting atop a horse whose shadowed mane seems to ripple like flames—flickers in the fog betwixt three ancient yews. It seems to appraise them, its presence palpable even from a distance—and then a roll of distant thunder echoes across the skies. Before they can even blink, the figure is gone, the forest falling silent once more.


I.. Don't think were in Daggerford anymore.

You're.. quoting a mover? Really..? Still.. Illusions…? For what purpose?

To instill fear to trespassers no doubt still I wonder what manner of arcane they had employed..

“Oh child.. it is the future you see, and somethings.. Are beyond even the weave sweet child.”

More time passes on the now silent wagon ride at least until…

The fog spills out of the forest to swallow up the road behind them. Ahead, jutting from the impenetrable woods on both sides of the road, are high stone buttresses looming gray in the fog. Huge iron gates hang on the stonework. Dew clings with cold tenacity to the rusted bars. Two headless statues of armed guardians flank the gate, their heads now lying among the weeds at their feet. They greet them only with silence.


As they pass through the massive gates.. They can hear a massive thud behind them. The gates.. Behind had closed on their own. Sakomoto's body had tensed as Arthur let out a nervous chuckle. Amaya's gaze was stalwart as she looked to Stanimir himself but he had only offered a friendly smile.


Ahead in the forest. Towering trees, whose tops are lost in heavy gray mist, block out all but a death-gray light. The tree trunks are unnaturally close to one another, and the woods have the silence of a forgotten grave, yet exude the feeling of an unvoiced scream.

The path continue's for some time before the wagons and the caravans go with a complete stop.


We cannot go any further I'm afraid, our caravan won't be welcome at the village… it's a long story but.. I trust you'll head and seek out Madam Eva. I hope here.. In Barovia you find the answers you are looking for. 

A bit.. Prophetic don't you think?

Thank you grandpa Stanimir!

Grandpa..? Sir Stanimir I do formally thank you for this ride even if this land is.. A bit queer.

Grandpa huh? As for prophetic.. I'll let the land be my answer. The land is only as queer as it's people mi lady! Fare thee well! And good luck adventurers!

And with that Stanimir had made his way upon his caravan.

Barovian outlook and Davian horseman events needed after Death House

Next chapter Chapter 5 

The Durst Manor



ShieldHero-     12d ago


Chapter Five The Durst Manor



Time once more marched on as the adventurers continued upon the old Svalich road. The gravel road leads further to the forest, in clearing of the mist… A shape began to loom over. The shadowed silhouette begins to descend into form before finally revealing.. a manor. Here? In the middle of nowhere?

In front of the manor was a young woman, with large doe eyes talking to smaller figures.

A soft whimpering draws their eye, a young girl and an even younger boy seem to be these.. Smaller figures.


Something about the doe eyed woman had seemed.. Ethereal almost as she had reached a hand to calm these children.

 Shh.. it's going to be okay.. I'll find you're family.. I promise.

Huh..? Is there a case of missing persons? If so I can have it filed.. Just allow me to look to my crystal.


A modified sending stone connecting to a long web called a network. Uncommon here in Daggerford however.


Ford silly! Also.. We can't wait for the authorities we gotta help these kids! Hey! I'm Arthur.. Arthur Chevalier it's a pleasure!

Arthur had knelt as Sakomoto began to make a call. Amaya had surveyed the area carefully Arthur had offered Eclaire a stranger to him a soft smile before turning to the children.

You can tell us, what are you're names? What's wrong?


I'm Rose.. and this is my little brother.. Thorn. There's a monster in the house! O-Our little brothers upstairs! 

Thorn had clung to his sisters skirt as she shushed him softly she had taken a deep breath to calm herself.

Please.. We don't know what to do.


Don't worry we'll get the authorities and-- Blast it all there's no service out here! What is this.. The beginning of a horror mover cliche?

Detective like you spend a lot time behind the screen? Still.. They need help now, the squire is right.

'I'll help I know a little magic.. I want to help this family. I'm Eclaire.. Eclaire Valliere.

Arthur Chevalier, let's get going.

Sakomoto Sato.. I prefer to have back up but.. if we've no choice..

Amaya Roseheart, let us take careful formations in preparation of this.. Monster

 Rose, look after you're brother we'll be right back! Promise!!

O-Okay.. I will!

The knight had offered a warm smile before the quartet had begun to head through this looming home.



ShieldHero-     12d ago

Chapter Six

Death House Begins

A wrought-iron gate with hinges on one side and a lock on the other fills the archway of a stone portico. The gate is unlocked, and its rusty hinges shriek when the gate is opened. Oil lamps hang from the portico ceiling by chains, flanking a set of oaken doors that open into a grand foyer 

Hanging on the south wall of the foyer is a shield emblazoned with a coat-of-arms (a stylized golden windmill on a red field), flanked by framed portraits of stony-faced aristocrats. Mahogany-framed double doors leading from the foyer to the main hall are set with panes of stained glass.


The party ventures forth through the foyer heading to the main hall.

A wide hall runs the width of the house, with a black marble fireplace at one end and a sweeping, red marble staircase at the other. Mounted on the wall above the fireplace is a longsword with a windmill cameo worked into the hilt. The wood-paneled walls are ornately sculpted with images of vines, flowers, nymphs, and satyrs. 

A cloakroom has several black cloaks hanging from hooks on the walls. A top hat sits on a high shelf.


Amaya had begun to let her mind wander, the house was in such fine shape for a house. Arthur's kindness was shocking and.. Most of all this strange woman had offered help while lost in the forest all by her lonesome. Whom was she..? Amaya had grown distracted not well perceiving the details around her even Sakomoto's mind wandered making it hard to look about.

Arthur and Eclaire had lead with their hearts and in the panes and paintings saw something strange..

There are serpents and skulls inconspicuously woven into the wall designs. The decorative paneling follows the staircase as it circles upward to the second floor. Eclaire had taken a step back as Arthurs brow furrowed.


Look here guys.. Lathander above what is this..?

How did I miss this…? 

It's odd but not worth getting worked over, nobles sometimes like secret messages in their art. They are eccentric like that.

I suppose that is… Possible but I still don't like it.

With that, a slam could be heard from past the foyer where they had came. Arthur and Sakomoto began to run back only to see the door has been slammed. Arthur began to pull and tug on the door slamming his shoulder into the frame with a resounding thud. A groan from the edifice of the house itself. Almost as if a defiant moan, Arthur had began to clench his teeth and push further before Sakomoto placed a hand on his shoulder.

It won't budge, we're going to have to figure out the source of this magic. However, the first question is.. Well the obvious, was this a trap? Had the kids known? Or was there more at play than they had known?

Huh..? They had seemed so sweet I don't wanna think they could.. No I'm sure it wasn't their intention! You're right, find the source and smash it with all we got!

Ahh, not what I meant but.. I suppose it's a start.

Returning back Amaya had looked around ready for a fight, Eclaire herself had only looked around.. Curiously. That was until.. Amaya's broken blade had fallen from her pack. She began to held her head in pain the sword spinning erratically.



Screaming, yelling could be heard what was this? Pain..? Pain long forgotten? Blood long lost? A feeling inseprable a reuniting.. A reuniting of what..? What is it?! A feeling.. Of returning to a place one's body has never been yet.. “Yet my blood has been here..” What did that mean…? Amaya began to tremble.

(DC 15 wisdom saving throw for her… She passed tough woman!)

Children.. Women.. Their all screaming.. the sword was.. Weeping.. She had fell to a knew as Arthur offered her a hand up. She looked up to the knight, taking a deep breath she remembered what her father had told her.

..Soundness… soundness of mind.. Body is steel and mind is silver. 


She began to hum an old melody of her mothers before finding her inner strength. She had stood up before firmly placing a foot to the woodwork floor. After one more long breath she found herself calm except for this.. Moisture under her eye? Eclaire had walked up though her face was blank.. There was a warmth in her silver eyes as she brushed under Amaya's eye.

It's okay to cry when we are scared Amaya.

Heh..  I'm not sure what happened.. But thank you little one.

fArthur had offered a reassuring smile as Sakomoto let out a sigh of relief. Amaya had looked to this detective from the big city.. Had she.. Embarrassed herself? Was she an embarrassment to this newly formed team? Arthur put a hand on her shoulder before venturing forward.


You look plenty tough, didn't even need a hand getting up! This house must have some nasty tricks.. Let's go find the parents.. And their brother.

They had begun to explore once more heading south to another room.


This oak-paneled room looks like a hunter’s den. Mounted above the fireplace is a stag’s head, and positioned around the outskirts of the room are three stuffed wolves.

Two padded chairs draped in animal furs face the hearth, with an oak table between them supporting a cask of wine, two carved wooden goblets, a pipe rack, and a candelabrum. A chandelier hangs above a cloth-covered table surrounded by four chairs.

Two cabinets stand against the walls. The east cabinet sports a lock. The north cabinet is unlocked and holds a small box containing a deck of playing cards and an assortment of wine glasses.

We could unlock the cabinet for clues… right?


I'm not bad at that sorta thing.. Except for a monster we won't need subtle clues. Also I'd rather not break into things and break more laws.. Than I already have.

Oh.. Okay I'm sorry.

It's okay you just meant to help!

Arthur offered a smile, only for his sunrise medallion to begin to shine.. Rays of sunshine. Eclaire had looked with sparkling doe eyes. Amaya with an inquisitive eye and Sakomoto.. With great caution.

Huh… That's never happened before! Let's continue on!

They had continued to explore the first floor for any sign.. Of any beast.

Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen  is tidy, with dishware, cookware, and utensils neatly placed on shelves. A worktable has a cutting board and rolling pin atop it. A stone, dome-shaped oven stands near the east wall, its bent iron stovepipe connecting to a hole in the ceiling. Behind the stove and to the left is a thin door leading to a well-stocked pantr. All the food in the pantry appears fresh  


Behind a small door in the southwest corner of the kitchen is a dumbwaiter—a 2-foot-wide stone shaft containing a wooden elevator box attached to a simple rope-and-pulley mechanism that must be operated manually. The shaft connects to another room.. but where? Hanging on the wall next to the dumbwaiter is a tiny brass bell attached by wires to buttons in those other areas.


Dining Room

The centerpiece of this wood-paneled dining room is a carved mahogany table surrounded by eight high-backed chairs with sculpted armrests and cushioned seats. A crystal chandelier hangs above the table, which is covered with resplendent silverware and crystalware polished to a dazzling shine. Mounted above the marble fireplace is a mahogany-framed painting of an alpine vale.

The wall paneling is carved with elegant images of deer among the trees. 

Red silk drapes cover the windows, and a tapestry depicting hunting dogs and horse-mounted aristocrats chasing after a wolf hangs from an iron rod bolted to the south wall.




We should head up the spiral staircase in the foyer than, see if we can find something in the second floor! Let me take point.. If that's okay?



Next time, Chapter Seven the second floor.



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