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The Boy {Yaoi Search}

By Kuro_Rosey
Backup thread

I wanna do yaoi here is the character i will be using no cybering will happen onsite need seme PM if interested.

Age: 15-25 {I am willing to go younger so let me know}

Species: Human or Pureblood Shapeshifter

Sexuality: Homoromantic Asexual {with an exception if shit starts going south}

Position: Uke/Bottom

Personality: Bitch

Common NPC's: Felicks/Felix/Felicity {Kat's 'Best' Friend a trans female}, Kaname Paytah {Kat's Older Twin Brother a total man whore}, Mr. and Mrs. Kitazawa {Kat's Adoptive Parents usually away on 'romantic' getaways}, Kaley Jonstone {Kat's 'Exception' only shows up if shit's going downhill in our relationship}, and Vanessa Kitazawa {Kat's purple skinned White Rose Daughter see Curse for more details}

Need to Know: Kat is my main boi he's who I default to if I don't have any ideas for a character, he's your typical tsundere character who will be bitchy/standoffish towards you until he knows he can trust you. Kat usually has 1 of 2 basic backgrounds 1. Abandoned at birth adopted at 10 abuse survivor 2. Lives with birth family until sold off to you severe abuse and incest survivor. If you choose to play with ShapeShifter Katashi there is a 99% chance he will be inflicted with the Black Rose Curse {see Curse for details}. Kat's Best friend Felix/Felicity is an inevitable NPC as they play a 'Second Male Lead/Stalker' character so this is your only warning. Kat is anorexic and eats very little in a day. If want Human Mpreg I follow a custom set of rules known as Breederverse that is very similar to the Omegaverse {ask for details if you must}

Common Couplings: College Roommates, SlaveXMaster, Sold into Marriage

Curse: Kat was born with The Black Rose curse which is marked by the Black Rose with a Golden Vine 'tattoo' on his left hip the curse makes it so he is quite often physically/sexually/mentally abused by those around him so he self isolates so that eventually he can give birth to a Nephilim without interference. Yes people can be immune to wanting to abuse the cursed. The only way to break the curse is for the cursed to birth a White Rose Child whom is a literal cloned child of the cursed, but they have a very limited lifespan as they are born with 'Purple Cell Disease' which literally turns their own cells purple and into poison. White Roses must live long enough to battle the 'God' who impregnates the cursed with the Nephilim and this will break the curse for their Black Rose and allow the cursed one's soul to finally be free.

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