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Hiding the Truth [A Treasure, HAWW, and Enhypen fanfic] [In Progress]

By AkiraSanogame
Backup thread

Seobin was never the same since the accident. At least, that's what he made everyone believe. When he gets introduced to a new friend, how long could he continue the façade?


Jeongwoo was just another person who couldn't speak, thus making him act younger to keep up a façade. As he and Seobin become friends, how could they keep up the façade for the sake of everyone else around them?


Niki, on the other hand got pulled into those two's shenanigans and finds himself harboring their biggest secret. All the while trying to figure out what his soulmate mark even was. He was terrible at keeping secrets, but would try to keep one for his two new friends.




Hai everyone~! Author-nim here with another soulmateau!


For those who've read my wolfau series and spinoff to that series, Seobin was in a similar accident to Kai in that series. There is a reason why he is hiding the fact that he is “normal” to everyone around him except for Jeongwoo and Niki. We'll explore this in this story while we figure out what Niki's soulmate mark is!


Now onto the characters~!




Seobin: Someone who had been in a traumatic accident that left his mind like a child's when he was younger. He eventually snapped out of it when he became older, but for the sake of his older brother Chanyoung's sanity he continues to act like a child, choosing to do this than risk the potential backlash that came with his brother finding out the truth. A part of that trauma is still there, since he hates anyone touching him or getting near his head where the accident had been. His soulmate mark is a tattoo of his soulmate's name in their handwriting on the left side of his body under his heart.


Jeongwoo: Jake's youngest brother who came to Korea with Jake to get away from home for a while. He was basically the baby between himself and his brothers, being the youngest and all, and still acts childlike at times. He is more mature than he lets on, but hides it behind a façade of childlike wonder and curiosity to not worry Jake or their oldest brother Seungmin too much. His soulmate mark is the inability to speak until he meets his soulmate. He can still make sounds like laughter and whatnot, but can't form words until he meets his soulmate.


Niki: A freshman at the university that everyone he was friends with attends. He wasn't sure why they decided to group him with Seobin and Jeongwoo of all people at first, but when he wasn't busy with schoolwork he did try to help them out when he could. He currently is the first person besides Jeongwoo who had figured out that Seobin was not who he actually was, and was fine with it. He isn't sure what his soulmate mark even is, if he even had one, but he hoped that he wasn't one of the few that were born without a soulmate mark.


I hope you enjoy the story~!

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AkiraSanogame     19d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 1


Seobin was woken up by Chanyoung the morning after the party, whining as he rolled over to get away from Chanyoung.


“Wake up kiddo,” Chanyoung encouraged gently as he got closer to Seobin. “It's time to go home,” he added.


“I don't wanna,” whined Seobin as he still sounded sleepy. “…Wanna stay a few more minutes,” he eventually mumbled, sitting up and yawning.


“Dann's making breakfast,” reminded Chanyoung as he smiled gently at Seobin. “Pancakes,” he added, chuckling when Seobin perked up at that.


“Pancakes?!" Exclaimed Seobin as he looked excited. He quickly got up and rushed out of the room to get ready and run into the kitchen once he was ready.


Jeongwoo was already awake, though he waited until Chanyoung left the room before getting up and going to get ready and meeting everyone in the kitchen.


“Morning Jeongwoo,” greeted Jake as he spotted Jeongwoo. “How many pancakes do you want?” He asked.


Jeongwoo took a minute to decide before bringing up his hand showing all 5 fingers.


“5 pancakes coming up!” Called Dann before starting on the pancakes.


Jeongwoo let out a small giggle, going to sit at the kitchen island as Jake joined him, bringing over a glass of milk for him.


“Can I have 5 pancakes too?” Asked Seobin as he joined them at the kitchen island.


“Can you finish 5 pancakes?” Asked Chanyoung as he walked over to the kitchen island with a stack of pancakes for himself.


“Mhm,” hummed Seobin as he nodded excitedly.


“Alright, 5 more pancakes please Dann,” called Jake as he went to get the next batch of pancakes for himself and Jeongwoo.


“On it,” confirmed Dann as he whipped up the next batch of pancakes, soon passing over the next plates of pancakes. He made sure everyone got their fair share of pancakes as everyone else entered the kitchen to get breakfast.




Jeongwoo was left to his own devices when he returned back to the house with Jake, Jeonggeun, Yeonjun and Seoho. Yeonjun didn't stick around for long, since Ivan needed him immediately for something that day so after getting changed into more casual clothing and making sure to keep the badge with the emblem that belonged to Ivan's kingdom somewhere on his person he had left to meet up with Ivan. Jake and Jeonggeun still had to register for their classes and Seoho wanted to sleep for a few more hours so Jeongwoo found himself with nothing to do for once.


After making sure he had his phone and spare key on him in case no one was home when he got back, Jeongwoo left the house to explore, walking around the city for a bit and taking in the sights before him.


Jeongwoo soon found himself face to face with someone, blinking as he didn't recognize who they were.


“Oh, sorry,” apologized Niki as he nearly nearly bumped into Jeongwoo. “Excuse me,” he muttered, turning and walking around Jeongwoo to enter the cafe that Jeongwoo was standing outside of.


Jeongwoo, ever so curious, decided to turn and walk into the cafe, being greeted by the smell of coffee as he looked around. He walked up to the counter to see what he could get, being greeted by the person at the register.


“Morning, what can I get you?” Asked Jungwon as Jeongwoo studied the menu behind him.


Jeongwoo hummed, making a gesture that told Jungwon that he couldn't speak before studying the menu again.


“Ah, we haven't had a mute customer in a while, is there anything in particular you like?” Asked Jungwon.


Jeongwoo shook his head before deciding on a drink, putting up two fingers to indicate that he wanted just a chai latte.


“One chai latte coming up,” reassured Jungwon as he went to ring up the order, glad he memorized the orders by number for once.


Jeongwoo went to pay for it with his phone before walking over to the counter where the drinks were being made and where Sunghoon was making them.


“Sorry I'm late,” called a voice as Chanyoung entered the cafe with Seobin behind him. “We just got back home and I forgot that there was a couple classes I needed to attend this morning,” he added, walking up to the counter to order.


“How was the party?” Asked Jungwon as he rung up Chanyoung and Seobin's usual orders.


“It went fine, is Seobin fine being here for a few hours?” Asked Chanyoung as he paid for his drinks.


“Oh yeah, we had a few customers this morning but it shouldn't be a problem,” reassured Jungwon as he nodded his head. “The owner is very understanding, so don't worry,” he added. “Seobin's very behaved so no one's had to complain yet,” he explained.


“Good,” sighed Chanyoung as he looked relieved. “I'm sorry to keep bringing him here but everyone in Allen's dorm all have morning classes,” he explained before going to wait on his drinks, finally noticing Jeongwoo. “Oh, hey Jeongwoo,” he greeted.


Jeongwoo turned to look at Chanyoung, blinking at the greeting before smiling in greeting. He turned when he heard Seobin walk over, waving at Seobin who grinned back at him.


“Hi Jeongwoo!” Greeted Seobin as he lightly rocked back and forth on his feet. “I got a new coloring book, wanna see?” He asked.


Jeongwoo tilted his head to the side in curiosity before turning to Chanyoung who nodded for him to go ahead. He waited until he got his drink before walking with Seobin back to his table and sat down across from him.


“Look, I got these pictures," boasted Seobin as he showed Jeongwoo. “Aren't they cool?” He asked, looking through the coloring book.


Jeongwoo looked down at the book, nodding along to the pictures as Seobin showed him.


“I'll be off now, behave okay?” Asked Chanyoung as he walked over to their table. “I'll be back by lunch, okay?” He asked.


“Okay!” Responded Seobin as he nodded his head.


“I probably won't run into your brother, but I'll let him know where you are, if you haven't already told him,” reassured Chanyoung as he turned to Jeongwoo.


Jeongwoo nodded his head, watching as Chanyoung left after making sure Seobin was okay for the day.




“You still haven't gone to class yet, Niki?” Asked Jungwon as Niki entered the cafe.

“Class got canceled,” explained Niki as he sighed. “Also it's my freshman year, I only have one class this semester so I can figure out what I want to major in,” he added, walking up to the counter to get his usual order.


Jeongwoo walked over to get a refill for his chai latte, paying for a refill before going to wait for his drink.


Seobin walked over after making sure his markers were kept in a neat pile. “Are you getting another drink?” He asked.


Jeongwoo nodded, grabbing his drink after Sunghoon passed it over. He turned back to Seobin before walking back with him to their table.

AkiraSanogame     17d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 2


Jeongwoo spent most of the morning at the cafe, keeping Seobin company while he helped Seobin color in pages of the new coloring book.


As Niki finished up what work he had for the day he found himself observing the two friends, seeing that something wasn't quite right with them. He decided against saying something, figuring that everyone had their reasons for doing what they do. He didn't miss the look that Seobin gave him, but he chose to ignore it for now.


Jeongwoo huffed out a sigh, getting up and going to get another refill, soon coming back with it and sitting down in front of Seobin again.


“I think he figured it out,” mumbled Seobin as he picked out a color before continuing to color. “Do you think it's best to become friends with him?” He asked, looking up at Jeongwoo.


Jeongwoo shrugged, looking indifferent to the idea. He didn't know Niki, so he wasn't sure if it even was a good idea to make a new friend.


“I guess we'll have to ask Jake,” grumbled Seobin before he put the marker down and picked out another color to add to the picture. “Isn't this cool?” He asked, speaking louder and adding a child like tone to his voice. “This- this one has fishys!” He explained, causing Jeongwoo to nod along in agreement as he looked down at the picture being colored.


“Sorry, I got caught up in my last class,” explained Chanyoung as he walked over and sat down beside Seobin. “How was the coloring? Did you get any good ones colored in?” He asked.


“Mhm!” Responded Seobin as he showed Chanyoung the pages he colored in. “Jeongwoo helped too,” he added, pointing to the ones that Jeongwoo helped color in.


“These look nice,” commented Chanyoung as he nodded at the pictures being shown. “You did a good job,” he added, nodding at Seobin's excited squeal.


“Thank you, big brother,” Seobin said sincerely, grinning at Chanyoung who smiled back at him.


“Jake should be back soon, I managed to run into him on the way over,” reassured Chanyoung as he turned to Jeongwoo. “He needed to make sure he was still good with his classes before heading back,” he added. “Jeonggeun is done for the day I believe, but he's gotta go make sure that his visa is still good,” he added as an afterthought.


Jeongwoo nodded his head, understanding what Chanyoung was saying. He knew his visa was good at least, but at some point he would have to return home. For now he would enjoy his time here, wondering when his soulmate would show up. If they ever did.


“Sorry, classes were so annoying,” sighed Jake as he entered the cafe, the first of the afternoon crew showing up behind him. He went to get his order before walking over to Jeongwoo's table, sitting beside Jeongwoo with a huff.


“Long first day?” Asked Chanyoung as he looked at Jake.


“Not only that but I needed to make sure I was registered for all my classes,” mumbled Jake. “So there was a lot of stress there,” he added.


“Long time no see, Jake,” greeted Niki as he walked over. “The dorms are different now without you or Heeseung there,” he remarked as he pulled up a chair to sit down.


“Jeongwoo really likes chai lattes,” chimed in Seobin as he pointed one of the markers at Jeongwoo. “He got like 10 refills of it,” he added.


“Who was making the drink?” Asked Jake as he blinked in surprise.


“It was um, the um,” stuttered Seobin as he tried to remember. “The- The sad one,” he blurted out, dropping the marker and covering his mouth. “Sorry,” he apologized, voice muffled by his hands before he dropped them, going back to coloring.


“Sunghoon?” Asked Jake as he turned to Jeongwoo.


Jeongwoo nodded, confirming who it was before turning to Seobin and shaking his head at him.


“Ah, Sunghoon does make good lattes,” mused Jake as he looked thoughtful. “Well, we should get going,” he added, getting up. “Jeonggeun should be home by now, and Seoho is probably awake now from his nap,” he mused, grabbing his drink as Jeongwoo got up. “We'll see you around, Chanyoung, Niki, and Seobin,” he added, waving to them before leaving with Jeongwoo.


Seobin watched them go, huffing out a sigh and disguising it as a pout. “I wanted to color with Jeongwoo more,” he whined, looking down at the book.


“I'll be sure to ask for him to hang out again, okay?” Asked Chanyoung, smiling a bit when Seobin eagerly nodded. He looked at his phone when it started ringing, shaking his head as he got up. “I need to answer this, I'll be right back, okay?” He asked, walking out of the cafe to answer the phone.


“You're not who you act are you?” Asked Niki, getting straight to the point once Chanyoung was outside of earshot.


Seobin let out a soft sigh, passing over a marker and the book to continue coloring and letting Niki start coloring part of the picture. “No, I'm not,” he replied, his voice back to normal. “But please keep this secret? There's a reason for it,” he explained.


“Does it have anything to do with the sadness I feel coming off him everytime we see each other?” Asked Niki as he picked up the marker and started coloring.


“He can't hide that sadness forever,” grumbled Seobin as he concentrated on the picture he was coloring. “But yes,” he eventually replied, taking a breath to steady his nerves. “I didn't think you saw him too often?” He asked.


“I don't, but I'm trying to get into the medical program,” explained Niki as he shrugged. “So I'm sure I'll be seeing him a lot more after this,” he added. “He's become famous around campus for his reasons for trying to get into the medical field,” he explained.


“You know, he never told me his reasons for getting into the medical program, I hope that he's had a good reason for doing so,” remarked Seobin, looking up when the phone call had finished and Chanyoung reentered the cafe. “Don't color this one red, color this one red!” Exclaimed Seobin, back to using his child like tone as he pointed to the other thing in the picture. “That- That one is supposed to be green,” he whined, passing over the green marker.


“Oh, sorry,” apologized Niki as he put the cap back on the red marker and passed it over to Seobin before picking up the green one and starting to color that one in.


“Come on,” sighed Chanyoung as he walked over. “We need to get home, and tomorrow's a doctor's appointment so I need to figure out who can take you since I have classes tomorrow,” he added.


“Eeeew, doctors,” whined Seobin as he pouted, gathering up his markers and putting them back in the box.


“It's just a checkup, Seobin,” reminded Chanyoung. “So it won't take long,” he added.


“But I hate doctors,” whined Seobin, shaking his head in defiance.


“If you can't find anyone to take him, I wouldn't mind accompanying him,” chimed in Niki as he nodded his head.


“Are you sure, I could ask someone at Allen's dorm?” Asked Chanyoung as he looked at Niki.


“This may sound weird but I've been here all day and have spoken with your brother and Jeongwoo, I think I can handle him,” explained Niki as he nodded.


“Okay, let's meet here tomorrow around 9 am?” Asked Chanyoung. “The doctor's office is just down the road from here so,” he added.


“Sure, I can do that,” responded Niki as he nodded.


“Okay, let's go Seobin,” reminded Chanyoung as he turned and left, walking out of the cafe a minute later.


Seobin looked relieved, grinning at Niki who grinned back at him. “Thank you,” he mumbled, sincerely before getting up and leaving, running after Chanyoung.


“What did I get myself into,” mused Niki as he looked thoughtful.

AkiraSanogame     15d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 3


Niki met them at the cafe the next morning, knowing class was canceled. Again. He wondered if they were discriminating against him, since he still didn't know what his soulmate mark was. He decided against trying to find those answers as he saw Chanyoung hurrying over after almost being late. Seobin was right behind him, somehow without his ever present book and markers for once.


“So I couldn't find anyone, thankfully you said something,” huffed Chanyoung as he stopped in front of Niki, panting as he tried to catch his breath. “Seobin couldn't bring his book this time, so hopefully that doesn't cause too much trouble,” he added.


“It shouldn't,” reassured Niki as he nodded his head. “You said it was just down the street right?” He asked, making sure he had the right address.


“It is, yeah,” responded Chanyoung as he nodded. “Seobin isn't good with doctors, but I can't be there to help him today,” he added. “So try and help him okay?” He asked.


“I will,” reassured Niki as he nodded his head.


“Behave okay?” Asked Chanyoung as he turned to Seobin. “I'll come over to the cafe when I'm done with classes, so we can go get lunch,” he added.


“Can we- can we get chicken nuggets?” Asked Seobin as he perked up at the idea of lunch.


“Yeah, we can get chicken nuggets," responded Chanyoung, chuckling at Seobin's excited yell. “Okay, go to the doctor's appointment okay?” He asked. “I'll see you after classes are done,” he added.


“Mhm,” responded Seobin before he rushed off down the sidewalk.


Niki let out an exasperated sigh before following after Seobin, quickly catching up to him once they were out of earshot. “Is the stuttering thing normal?” He asked, more curious than anything.


“Yeah- yeah it is,” grumbled Seobin as he sighed. “It's one of- one of the lasting effects of the accident I was in,” he added, dropping back to a normal tone of voice. “I'm- I'm fine though,” he explained quickly before Niki could say anything more. “It's not as bad as it used to be, it- it's a lot better now,” he added.


“I'm not judging you for that,” reassured Niki. “I was just curious is all,” he added. “But I understand, some things are permanent,” he explained as an afterthought.


“I'm just hoping you can- you can keep my secret,” sighed Seobin as they reached the clinic. “For my brother's sake,” he added.


“I will try, I can't guarantee it because I am terrible at keeping secrets, but I will at least try,” reassured Niki as he nodded his head.


“We're here,” remarked Seobin as he looked at the front of the clinic. “I'll be in and out in like 10 minutes tops,” he explained, turning to Niki. “Unless they need blood tests, but It'll be- be quick,” he added before turning and walking into the clinic.


Niki followed after him, watching as Seobin checked himself in with that child like facade up. He then went to sit down, looking around the clinic with curiosity.


Seobin went to sit down beside Niki, fidgeting in his seat as he still hated doctor's visits even when the facade wasn't up. He quietly mumbled to himself, keeping up the facade while waiting for his name to be called.


Niki almost reached out to try and reassure Seobin, but from what he understood Seobin did not react well to any physical contact. He could only offer a smile in encouragement, something that Seobin returned in kind.


“I wish I had my books,” whined Seobin, wishing for something to do more than anything. “Coloring is so much fun!" He explained, nodding along to what he was talking about.


“After this we can see about stopping somewhere to get a book,” reassured Niki as he nodded. “Just, behave okay? If you're good we can get a book,” he added.


“Promise?” Asked Seobin as he perked up at that, sitting still now as he was genuinely excited about getting another coloring book.


“Yep,” confirmed Niki as he nodded his head.


“Yay!” Cheered Seobin, a genuine grin appearing as he got excited for something new to color. He got up when his name was called, running over to the nurse and turning and waving back at Niki before turning back and walking into the next area.


Niki chuckled at that, choosing to relax in his seat and play a game on his phone. “I guess some things are still affecting him,” he mused, thinking back on the interaction from just a minute ago. He chose to not question it, not in a place like this anyway, and continued to play the game on his phone.




Seobin's loud complaining brought Niki out of his concentration, looking up from his phone as the door opened and Seobin walked out, sniffling, looking down at the floor and keeping a hand around his arm where he had gotten blood drawn from.


“Seobin?” Asked Niki as he got up, walking over to him and taking the paper from the nurse.


“They- They stuck a needle in me,” whined Seobin as he refused to look up. “I hate- hate needles,” he mumbled, reaching up and wiping the tears away and trying to calm down.


“Come on, this is the last time we'll be here for a bit, okay?” Asked Niki as he made sure to read the paper to make sure nothing really was wrong. “I promised you that new coloring book, can you calm down for me?" He asked, wishing he could do more than just calmly talk to him.


“Can we- can we get new markers too?” Asked Seobin, his voice sounding small as he stepped forward and out of the way of the other patients being called into the next room. “I don't- don't have markers with me,” he mumbled in explanation.


“We'll see if anyone has markers at the cafe, okay?” Asked Niki as he leaned down in front of Seobin to look up at him. “I don't have your brother's number otherwise I'd ask him to bring them over,” he grumbled, shaking his head. “But we can get another small pack of markers okay? I don't want your brother asking why you got another pack of markers,” he eventually decided to say, noticing this facade wasn't a facade. It was like Seobin had went into another headspace entirely.


“Okay,” mumbled Seobin, agreeing to the terms as he wiped away the rest of his tears. He took a breath to calm down, managing a small nod to Niki indicating that he was ready to leave.


“Come on, let's go get those markers and that coloring book, okay?” Asked Niki, looking relieved as he stood, leading Seobin out of the clinic.


Seobin followed after him, still quietly sniffling as he stared at the ground while he walked.

AkiraSanogame     23h ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 4


Seobin remained in that mindset for the rest of the morning, choosing to sit and color while Niki kept an eye on him. They were currently sitting in the cafe, deciding that it was better for Seobin to collect his thoughts than to risk anything more.


“Are you okay?” Asked Niki as he looked at the picture Seobin was coloring.


“Mm f-fine,” mumbled Seobin as he nodded his head. “Hurts- hurts still,” he grumbled.


Niki leaned back in his chair, looking concerned before he got up and went to get a refill for his drink. He soon came back, with a pastry for Seobin, putting the pastry in front of him. “It's not chicken nuggets, but is this okay?” He asked.


Seobin looked down at the pastry before nodding his head, picking it up and bringing it to his mouth. He took a bite, humming in content as he stopped coloring. “Thank you,” he mumbled sincerely, continuing to eat.


Niki huffed out a sigh before taking a sip of his drink.




Chanyoung entered the cafe sometime during the lunch rush, getting his drink before walking over and sitting down beside Seobin. “How was it?” He asked.


“Well, it went fine for the most part,” replied Niki as he shrugged his shoulders. “The only thing that went wrong was him getting blood drawn,” he explained. “He's been fine since then,” he added, shrugging again.


“Does it still hurt?” Asked Chanyoung as he turned to Seobin.


“N-No,” mumbled Seobin as he shook his head. “I'm- I'm fine now,” he reassured, looking up from his coloring.


“Okay, that's good,” remarked Chanyoung as he looked relieved. “I know you hate getting blood drawn, so it must've been hard for you,” he mused, humming in thought.


Niki nodded his head before leaning back in his chair.




Jeongwoo and Jake entered the cafe a little bit later, Jake needing to drop Jeongwoo off before heading to his classes.


“Heading to class?” Asked the person at the counter.


“Yeah,” sighed Jake as he went to pay for his and Jeongwoo's drinks. “Jeongwoo is going to stay around for a bit, there's no one home right now,” he added.


After getting their drinks Jake headed off to class while Jeongwoo went to sit down, deciding to play a game on his phone to occupy his time.




Seobin came back to the cafe after lunch, being alone for a little bit since Chanyoung had to return to school to finish something for his classes. He seemed to be back to his usual mood, getting something sugary to drink before walking over and sitting in front of Jeongwoo who acknowledged his presence with a head nod.


“I hate needles, so much,” grumbled Seobin as he looked down at his drink.


Jeongwoo hummed, nodding in sympathy as he looked up at Seobin.


“Niki seems like a good person,” Seobin remarked with a shrug. “He said he'd- he'd try to keep my secret,” he explained. “I can't trust him f-fully but,” he added, sighing before taking a sip of his drink.


Jeongwoo nodded again in understanding before his phone pinged with a text message. He looked at the message, seeing it being from an unknown number. He looked confused, his eyebrows furrowing in thought as he thought up a reply.


xxx: Are you at the cafe right now?


Jeongwoo: Who is this?


xxx: It's Niki, I asked Jake for your number

he asked why but I told him it was to at least be able to talk to you

I couldn't think of any other excuse but that

surprisingly he gave it to me


Jeongwoo: that sounds like Jake

Yes, I am.

I'm surprised you figured out that you could text me


Niki: it seemed logical, I mean I do remember seeing you with a phone.

we'll talk later I need to go


Jeongwoo showed Seobin the messages sent and Seobin blinked in surprise.


“I forgot about using a phone!” Seobin remarked with a slap to his face in frustration. “I don't have one though,” he grumbled, letting his hand drop to the table. “I could- could ask Chanyoung to get me a phone, or something,” he mused, looking thoughtful. “I guess it could be better than trying to understand what you're trying to- to convey,” he mumbled.


Jeongwoo looked amused, a small chuckle escaping him as he remembered the first few times they hung out.


“Don't- don't laugh at me,” whined Seobin as he pouted. “It was hard to understand what you're trying to say and still act like- like this,” he grumbled in a way of trying to excuse himself. “To be fair I'm getting better at understanding what you're trying to say,” he added with a huff.




Niki felt awkward as all hell as he met up with Seobin and Jeongwoo a few days later after finally being able to go to his one class for the semester. He had been asked by Jeongwoo to meet them there so he met them at the cafe.


“What happened?” Asked Niki as he sat in front of Jeongwoo and Seobin.


“Big brother got me a- a phone!” Responded Seobin as he showed Niki. “I can finally talk to- Jeongwoo,” he explained, grinning in happiness.


“Oooh, can I see?” Asked Niki as he held out his hand for the phone.


Seobin handed Niki his phone after unlocking it, taking the phone back after Niki put in his contact information.


“See this app here?” Asked Seobin as he showed Niki. “It's for people to color pictures together!” He explained. “Jeongwoo showed me,” he added, opening the app and showing Niki that it was a messaging app in disguise.


“That's cool,” remarked Niki as he went to download the app. “I got it too so we can color,” he added, showing Seobin and Jeongwoo.


“Sorry to interrupt but,” came a new voice as Jeonggeun walked over. “I need to get Jeongwoo home,” he added. “Jake wants to go out for dinner so,” he explained.


“But- but Jeongwoo just got here,” whined Seobin as he pouted. “And- and Niki too!” He exclaimed, looking sad to see them go already.


“I have to get back to the dorms to prepare dinner anyway,” sighed Niki as he shook his head. “I'll take you home though, Allen's dorm isn't far from ours I think,” he added.


Jeongwoo looked apologetic as he got up and walked over to Jeonggeun.


“Bye Jeongwoo,” Seobin said in goodbye before Jeonggeun left with Jeongwoo, going to where they were headed for dinner.


Niki watched them go before shaking his head, turning back to Seobin who let out a soft sigh.


“I know you can't keep an eye on my brother since you're not technically in the program yet, but can you try?” Asked Seobin as he turned to Niki. “Something about him recently makes me feel like he'll try something again soon,” he mumbled. “He- he's all- all I got l-left,” he explained.


“I'll try,” reassured Niki as he nodded his head. “There's a few others in my dorms that are probably in a few of his classes,” he explained. “I'll see if they can keep an eye on him too,” he added.


Seobin nodded, looking relieved as he tried to smile at Niki. “Thank you- really,” he mumbled, sincerely as he looked down.

AkiraSanogame     30m ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

Chapter 5


Jeongwoo found himself hanging out with Seobin more and more as Chanyoung got engrossed into his classes. Jake was even able to get permission for Seobin to spend the night some nights, when Chanyoung had important sessions to attend for a couple days. Allen's dorm wasn't enough for Seobin sometimes, but most of the time he was okay as long as someone checked on him throughout the day.


Niki still kept an eye on Chanyoung when he could see him, though it was rare and the only person to be able to keep an eye on him was a transfer student named Juho who managed to be in a few of Chanyoung's classes.


As far as being alone? No one knew what Chanyoung was up to, and Seobin was worried he was falling into a downward spiral again.


“Have you seen- big brother today?” Asked Seobin as he met Jeongwoo in front of the cafe. “Niki says- says he hasn't seen him yet,” he mumbled in explanation. “I checked the bridge and he- he wasn't there today,” he added.


Jeongwoo shook his head no, earning a worried sigh from Seobin.


“Hopefully someone sees him, I hate to- to see him gone so much,” grumbled Seobin as he went into the cafe with Jeongwoo following after him.


[continue tomorrow]


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