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The Broken Arrow Workshop

By Colorful_insanity
Backup thread

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the Broken Arrow Workshop

Here in the Workshop we are here to assist in a variety of things from Image searches to details for plots or writings. If you have any questions, concerns, or even a request to jump into the chat and let me help you as best as I can. 

If you have a request for us on an image hunt, try and give us as much detail as you can so we can better help, find what you need. If you have a request on writing help let us know and we will try out best based off what you give us as well with that. Best thing to do for writing requests is let us know if its details or for a post first then include what you already have, this means images, anything already written, etc.


Colorful_Insanity (aka Colorful)

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Brotherhood of Ashes

Hello and Welcome Folks


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