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[The Library of Alexandria]

By Makima-
Backup thread

Note; The Canonical Library of Alexandria was solely filled with research and informational texts of the ancient realm. It’s argued how the library actually burned down. 


Welcome to a book club chat.... thing! Here, we are able to leave book reviews on any novel that has been read, whether it be from literature, manga, or educational ones! 


Please utilize this thread to leave book reviews and limit your messages if they’re just chat-based (go to the chatroom to talk more!!! Or move to PMs, if that’s okay! I get it when we’re getting into asking abt the book from person to person, but sometimes it goes into rabbit holes. Okaaayyyy-)


Hopefully, we will be able to see more things to read and speculate on! >:3c THANKS <3333



Template which can definitely be used (I intend to use it in the future m'self!)

1.) Book Title

2.) Book Author

3.) Book Series (if applicable)

4.) How would you rate this book on a scale of one to ten? Why?

5.) In three words or less, what was the ending like? 

6.) Are there any books similar to this you may recommend? Authors?

7.) Do you have any URL? Soft back? Hard back?




A little prompt for fun:


Alexandria, Egypt.



Before Caesar instructed a harbor of boats being burned down in Alexandria in his conquest of Pompey, a number of individuals would visit the library Alexandria held quite frequently.


It wasn’t quite as you imagined, as a number of groups would move around through the library. Not only scholars, but families, groups of friends, etc. could constantly be seen entering and exiting the doors of the grand building which held vast, diverse amounts of information.

 It was peaceful, as marble architecture would force people to be more silent from how their voices would carry and echo off the walls in the main sections of the establishment. It almost seemed like nothing was kept secret within the library at a glance. 


Upon entering, you see a woman seated behind a desk. Defined curls were set on her mane as she seemed to shine with a subtle tone of being kissed by the sun. 

Sharp, dark brows would rise up before a crease of purple orbs and pink, glossed lips smiled at you in a welcoming manner. She managed to make herself look more doll-like thanks to their current ruler Cleopatra. God bless her and her sweet spirit.


“Welcome, is there anything I can help you with?” Her voice had been soft, welcoming. She would stare at the visitor(s) with a patient expression. It appears she, herself, had been reading. And the woman gently closed the book to emphasize you had her full attention at the given time. After discussing the matter, the woman gave a small nod of her head when hearing you talk, 

“Good afternoon, I was looking for Monogoto’s club review.” It made a smile slide across her face as she nodded. It was a weekly ordeal, and the girl slid herself out of her chair before gently leading you through the halls. She would gently check in on you, checking in on how your day was treating you before reaching a room that was relatively small, filled with a couple of individuals. 

There were snacks along with drinks, and you can hear a couple of individuals who were in this spacious room talk about the books they had most recently read. It seems they would read a book together, while also showing another book they had been reading to discuss as well.


“You are more than welcome to leave your suggestion on what book we should read next week in that box over there if you’d like.” Her voice was soft when she gave a gentle squeeze to your shoulder, accompanied by a warm expression. 

“Please, enjoy your stay.” And before you could say anything, the female turned on her heel and walked away, assumedly to direct more people to this room when asked.


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Makima-|Administrator|   30d ago



I couldn’t help but finish up The lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe today. It’s something I’ve been chewing on whenever I had the time to, and it’s... okay. xD 

It was written in the mid 1900s, exactly the 1950s, to be exact. I can’t help but compare it to the Harry Potter series, just because of how these authors would use the terminology of, “Come off it”. 


The only other two books I’ve read that were written around this time period were “The Mysterious Case of Jekyll and Hyde” (beautiful recommendation if you’d like to see an individual who’s been split into two via their ‘higher self’ and ‘shadow self’)  and,  “The Plague”. 

There’s this form of lingo these books have, and the former held more of an ... interesting, flow of words than the latter. <w> They were somewhat harder for me to read initially, but you can most certainly get used to it over time. 

I’m only thinking of the way they may use “queer” to say ‘weird’ and will honestly use “fag” to express ‘happiness’. 



The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe is an easy read. Honestly, I felt like there were some typos in there, but the flow and pacing were still v nice. I love all of these characters, even shithead Edmund/Eddie who needs an ass whoopin’ bro. Give him a spanking, he needs it. 


My favorite is Aslan, however. I can’t stress enough how it felt like whenever the lion was mentioned, it had the same pull as Dumbledore does from J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. 



And, yes, I know there are some feelings for Rowling at the given time about her TERF wars and blah, blah, blah. We have charged, strong opinions on that one considering how these beliefs impact the lives of those around us. I don’t blame you guys, and there are definitely thoughts on that situation there, also. But this is a book club, not a debate club. Let’s all leave that at the door, please. 

But Aslan and Dumbledore give the same energy to me. Aslan’s name seemed to carry a sense of peace for everyone (Except Eddie. Why’d he eat those Turkish delights? Fucker. He redeemed himself by the end tho.)

There are definitely Narnia ambiance tracks on YouTube, and they do immerse you deeper into the realm C.S Lewis creates for those to read. It’s more for a “younger” audience, but, hey, it was still an entertaining read -- a nice break from reading informational-based books. I dare say someone could read this in a day, as the PDF version holds 106 pages. (I take longer since I like reading books like these before bed, ehehe ;w;)


Sigh =w=.

I gotta find another book. I dare say from what one of my coworkers mentioned to me, somebody put the entire chronicle of Narnia in a single book. Much more convenient -- I’m uncertain about the amount of pages that are in the other books, but... the first was at least still a nice read.


If you’d like the PDF, Please click:




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