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Mellow_King     32d ago
There isn't time, so brief is life, for bickerings, apologies, heartburnings, callings to account. There is only time for loving, and but an instant, so to speak, for that.

3rd Person:

Sundrop was sitting on the edge of the ledge of the castle prop connected to one of the entrances to his room. It was silent in the Daycare the music wasn't playing, Moon and Solar voices weren't heard anywhere around him. Sun felt like it was so suffocating he used to fill his time working to avoid his past and the pain he felt mentally. Knowing what Earth has told him so many times to not hold his emotions in and family is meant to help each other through such thoughts and feelings but he couldn't push himself to tell them. He learned to express how he feels more to his family but the thoughts still linger to him in the back of his head. Every time his been close to death feeling the cold hands around his head covering his eyes. He didn't feel scared he was scared of losing his family hurting them with him dying. He didn't fear death he hasn't for a while and many times thought of putting these thoughts finally into actions even knowing he shouldn't. He thought of the time Ruin had his hand around his through so close to killing him just the thought of moon seeing him dead haunt him but he wished moon was a little later to saving him, just maybe he would have died to Ruin and not by his own mind.

Sun breaths out a shaky and tired sigh as he laid there looking at his battery being at 10 percent so close to zero. He felt like maybe if he hits zero he won't wake up again so he didn't have to think anymore, not feel this suffocating pain that only lingered in his chest and hands. This constant urge to cry to let out his pain but he was just a robot he couldn't cry or show the pain he was so suffocated in by his trauma and past. He knew Lunar didn't forgive he acted just like Eclipse making him feel small so many times and only thinking of himself and just wanting to let this pain end. He felt so selfish he had a family who cared about him and would help him through this pain he so wanted to go away, these thoughts that pushed him further into the void of nothing lost as no track of where to go only alone with echo's of voices he couldn't quite reach. Sun always put his family problems over his own he couldn't let this feeling drag him down. Lunar was having problems and he wanted to help Lunar but he couldn't understand how, he is really the dumb brother many say. And Earth has had problems she shouldn't have to brother with his problems either it isn't there responsibility. 

Sun Pov:

I sit here feeling my chest tighten somehow feeling like I couldn't breath some how even though I don't have lungs. The constant urge to cry as my eyes burn but nothing can come out. I can't even stop the smile one my face, I was created to take care of the kids but it seems Lunar and Earth can do better job then I can. "Maybe Creator was right Earth was the perfect creation, I was just made to be disposed of..." I felt my own voice stutter and wobble as I spoke it hurt so much these thoughts and feelings I felt. I couldn't let this pain go it controlled me it forced me to lie to those I love fake this smile I am forced to bare as he happy one. "Moon got a reset.. a new start, Lunar has Earth, Earth has Monty to lean on and have someone she can take care of..... haha... even solar seems like a better fit for moon then I" I hated this, I hated feeling so useless and just a burden to those around me Its my fault Moon is gone. I could have helped Moon get rid of Ruin before the daycare was destroyed where bloodmoon wouldn't have came back causing Lunar to get hurt, only if I wasn't so weak to start off of none of this would of happened. "I truly just a problem, even after everything I try to do right it goes wrong" I felt my own hands slowly reach to the wires behind my head as they trembled I stared at the now remade Daycare do to Solar, I can't bare this on my shoulders anymore. I wrap my robotic cold fingers around the wires gripping them tightly. I sit there and lets go of my wires as I hear Ruins voice which startled me.

Ruin/Eclipse Pov:

I was walking around the ball pit intel I heard a faint voice which sounded quite familiar I noticed it was suns as I look up seeing Sun sitting on the castle balcony I try to see what he was doing but my vision isn't the greatest I crawl out the ball pit as I back up looking up to Sun. "Sun what are you doing?" I noticed him jump some and move his hand, which confused me what he was doing that made me startle him so much since he was in his view. "Sun?" I try to speak louder but see Sun get up and walk away from the balcony this worried me since Sun didn't seem alright maybe I should go tell Moon or Solar about this they know Sun better then I.

 I make my way over to Solar who was working on something in the theaters kitchen I walk over. "Solar I have a question" I watched as Solar jump and looked at me startled, I guess I do walk quiet so I can startle those easily. "What is is Eclipse?" I swings my arms some as I look at Solar, as he makes his way to his feet putting a tool down on the counter of the kitchen "Well, Solar, I seemed to have seen Sun on the balcony speaking to ones self and I worried me since he hand his hand behind his head" I watched solar pause and not speak to me for a second for some reason, he seems shocked "Where is he Eclipse, did you see where he was going?" I listen to Solar voice usually nervous and quiet now all suddenly loud and filled with such emotions which is exciting to hear for some reason. "Well I did not he just ignored me and walked into there room over in the castle balcony is" I watched as solar pass me and make his way out of the theater I was confused about the sudden urgency by Solar. Since sun usually seemed fine in what memories I have which aren't many but this isn't up to me I have done all I can I guess it is up to Solar now.

3rd Person:

Solar was walking fast as he goes over to the secret door opening it and making his way to Suns and Moons old room opening the door looking around the storage area seeing no sight of Sun which worried him since he had learned some thing about Sun, also knowing everything that had happened in this dimension. Solar calls Moon to tell him what is going on in the urgent moment. Solar walks out the old destroyed room to look for sun somewhere else and ask for help maybe he did not want Sun to do anything crazy. Solar curses as moon doesn't answer which wasn't normal as Moon usually answers to his calls but he didn't care about that at the moment he was going to look for Sun. Solar looked around the daycare checking the camaras. 

Sun Pov:

I walks out the pizza plex something I am not used to doing, since I usually stay inside the daycare or when I do come out the daycare it is to a different dimension or Monty golf. I walks down the street avoiding the humans as I see it was night not many people where out. I walked over to a ladder crawling up to it as a voice was leading me it was like a lullaby. Soft and sweet like one Moon had played once as they had a stressful day it made me feel happy, something I have not felt in a while. As I make it to the roof I look around listening for the soft music I heard moments before. I hear it and I look towards the music seeing Moon, but he seemed different he seemed to feel like the old moon. "Moon?" I didn't get a response as I get closer reaching a hand out as I place a hand on Moon cheek, he felt just like the moon he knew before he was reset I don't know how but I know its him. "Brother why are you up here?" I say silently as I watched Moon back away from me stepping back into the air making up some more reaching out a hand to me. I take his hand staring back at Moons red eyes stepping towards the ledge one step at a time. I can be with Moon and it will go back to how it was, before all this pain and bad things that had happened. I placed a foot off the ledge and I feel my body fall feeling the air against me as I don't scream or speak silence as I feel falling to the ground staring up at the moon I once new feeling my body hurt I see my vision glitch intel it powers off. 


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