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He wasn't your first choice. 

Hell, he wasn't anyone's, but here you both were.

Sure, you could always head out on your own, but what guarantee was there that you'd make it out there without backup? What was to say your life didn't end the second you took a step beyond the compound? 

The only thing standing between you and a dirt nap was this meager excuse for a partnership, and it was the only thing that seemed to be keeping you both sane. 

So, what'll it be? 

Caution to the wind, fuck the consequences, or-

Or… stay… and fucking survive.


Alright, y'all, we got ourselves a dystopian, apocalyptic plot of a sort. These poors souls have found themselves smack dab in the centre of the end of days - figuratively speaking. Something has taken over. It's clever, it's quick, and it takes indiscriminately. No one knows what it looks like or what it is. All anyone knows is that it came in like the wind one day and just like that… the world started to spiral violently out of control.

When it comes for you, it's quiet, like a whisper, like a thought. And before you know it? It's over, you're finished, if you're you at all. 

Odd part is that is hasn't gotten everyone, so it can't be everywhere--right?


Fools' Rules

1. Have fun.

2. Don't sweat post times. It's stressful and ain't nobody got the time for all that.

3. Communicate if you can when you got shit going on and need to go dark. If you can't, no biggie, handle your shit, but when you get the chance just give me a heads up and I'll mentally put our plot on pause/hiatus. 

4. 25+ only. Just a preference, nothing against younger writers. 


If you're interested, hit me uppp.

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