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Once GeneCo had gotten their shit relatively together after the incident where a CHILD took over the business as per the request of a certain Rottie Largo, the business had actually blossomed into a well-maintained corporation. Most of the organ repossessions had fallen off due to the young Shiloh's willingness to be kind to those in need. The need to fit the role of Repo Man was no more. It went on like that for a decade or two, but all good things came to an end. The world was a dark and terrible place and even Shiloh's good heart was eventually taken advantage of. The company had taken a major hit, finically. It took a while, but soon, a hostile take over would take place and the repo men and women would soon find their line of work opening back up. It would not take long for the bitter taste of the less fortunates' blood turned most people away from the line of work. Not Nikolai Pelle though. He was number one in the new boss's eyes. A loyal dog to the cause and Nikolai was very good at his job. Leaving little to no evidence behind of where he had been, other than just a body. He was one of the best doctors in the grimy city. Tending to the health of the every day citizen during the day, and ripping organs out of those same people at night. 

Nikolai Pelle was a 34 year old man, rough around the edges when you cornered him alone. But, around people, he was the center of attention. Not many people knew that he was the one ripping organs out of bodies, so he could easily mingle with the simple minded and ignorant. His parents had moved to the city when he was just a boy. He remembered that the dark and dismal atmosphere really sung to Nikolai at a young age. His family was well off, sent him off to learn medical, which turned into a morbid curiosity of the human body and when he came back home to figure out what he was going to do with his new found passion. GeneCo found him. A new set of owners reached out to Nikolai, who's extensive background had not even been in town for more than a few days had gotten into their hands. They needed a fresh set of hands and skills to further their operation. Nikolai Pelle was the man to do just that. 

At the rip age of 26, Nikolai had managed to become GeneCo's number 1 Repo Man. He was the confidante of the company. He was willing to carve up anyone without question. Call it gentle brainwashing, if you will. He was addicted to the knife and the smell of blood. His ocean blood eyes would have been stained red with the unholy amounts of blood that he had seen. He hungered for the feeling each time. GeneCo could not ask for a better dog. 


Buttoning a deep crimson, long sleeved button up, a set of blue eyes stared hard back at the man in the mirror. At times, Nikolai did not feel like he was real. He could touch his skin and know that he was physically there, but on the inside, he felt hollow. Maybe it was the darkness of the poison city that he lived in. No way to get out once you've settled. Drugs, alcohol, sex, it was a day and night red light district at all times. He could look out his apartment window and see any nefarious thing go on, never thinking twice about it. The streets might be full of grim and scum, but the grand parties of high society was the real soul sucking thing. He was getting ready for once of them now. Maybe that is why he felt this way. 

Black nails scooped each button into their respective holes before looking at himself in full. He felt presentable, but there will always be a comment of his disheveledness somewhere in the night. He mostly brushed it off whenever it came around. He turned away from his reflection, looking for the last of his things before he could leave. He tucked a pack of cigarettes and a box of matches into his breast pocket before sitting down on the edge of his bed to put his shoes on. He leaned down, dragging a pair of boots from the underneath of his bed and pushed his feet into both before lacing them up. He felt complete now. Exiting his room, he walked straight for the door, but was caught by a disapproving hiss from the back of the couch that he had walked passed. 

Nikolai chuckled before turning around. “I am terribly sorry, Bella. How dare I forget you,” Nikolai purred as he walked over to his all black, large green eyed cat that began purring as she rubbed her face into his hand the moment he offered it. He smiled before giving her a final, full body pet and headed towards the door. He glanced down at the briefcase that sat next to the door. He did have a weird feeling that his boss, who was definitely attending, would most likely give him a job while they were there. Organs were always in need of being repossessed. He snatched it up before leaving the apartment. 

It did not take long for Nikolai to get from his small apartment to a large, lit up mansion on the outskirts of town. The mansion belonged to the head of GeneCo and they were hosting another one of their large parties. Nikolai managed to weave himself through the crowd at the door, handing his briefcase over to one of the security, and become one with the crowd in one fluid motion. Faces lit up around him once they realized he was there. 



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