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Test Subject 3309: Alien Species

By PoisonedFanatic
Backup thread

Looking for literate roleplay, at least 3 to 5 sentences. Setting is a research base in the middle of a salt flat, away from any human interaction. A researcher is tasked with studying a strange alien species, discovered in a crashed pod in said salt flat. The goal is to not only figure out what the species is but to also bond with it, in hopes of contacting the rest of it's race. Unfortunately the alien has no memory of what it is nor where it came from, it's left with only it's curious demeanor and a shattered memory. The researcher, the technical “test subject”, is a scientist that lives in the small lodging next to the research base. 

OC roleplay, I can play either alien or researcher! 


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shadow5690layla   35d ago
The master of shadows


hi there


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