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Royal academy

By Meedy
Backup thread

A school for royalty in the 1200s. Set in a land of many peoples and faiths. (Fantasy medieval)


There is this royal academy. (I swear ill come up with anname for it at some point)

From the rich nobility who hold small counties and provinces to great nobility being sent here. From europe to the middle east to north africa. 

The majority of the school  is fairly simple. Mainly classrooms of a handful of students. A large library of many texts (untranslated). 

This academy offers normal schooling such as writing in various languages, mathematics such as trigonometry  and algebra, and simple sciences (for the time period) to being able to learn how to govern over people or basic military schooling for the more prestigious. 

Enjoy your time here. Try to make friends and keep it civil. Dont kickstart a war. 


  1. No insanely op characters. Its a school. 
  2. Please minimum a few sentences i dont want like single word answers.
  3. Try not to flood the chat with multiple messages. Send big paragraphs if you have to rather than multiple ones
  4. Dont  control other peoples characters
  5.  Be kind of realistic even if its fantasy. Its the 1200s. Theres no modern sciences or technology. Just ask if a magic or medieval equivalent exists.
  6. Try not to carry on if someone asks you to wait for them if they go brb or have to sleep
  7. If you wanna be a teacher just dm me about the basic info, anything special and what subject of study
  8. This is medieval times so expect the stuff like family importance to matter and so does reputation. 
  9. No metagaming and suddently knowing stuff


You will need to complete and dm me the template to be able to have access.






Personality (general):






Abilities/unnatural traits:


Backstory/reason for joining:


(I probablyforgot something :( ) 


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MeedyMe/OOC chatter   35d ago
"And We warned the Children of Israel in the Scripture,you will certainly cause corruption in the land and become arrogant"-17:4 (Professional Scholarly Hater)

Me/OOC chatter

A new year has started. Many payments made by rich nobility or royalty entered by circumstance. The fresh group of students enter for their few years of education. Coming from many lands and holding varying beliefs. The new year finally starts.  


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